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Dynafit DIN settings

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Just returned from a 3-day backcountry trip in Utah using the new Dynafit TLT Vertical bindings. I have to say for the ascent they are perfect (at least from my limited experience) but have had multiple issues falling out of the heel when making strong turns when it's not all powder. I am 6'3 and with gear probably push 245lbs. I had the DIN set at 10 but the ski would release way to easy which made me very uncomfortable skiing inbounds. The DIN is now set at 12 but just don't trust that the binding won't release me if I happen to ski from the backcountry back through the resort to the car.


Does anyone have similar issues, feedback or solutions? The ski tech was uncomfortable going to DIN 12 so he had me do it...


Thanks for the replies.

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If the heel is not adjusted (or mounted) far enough forward the pins will click in but come out way too easy.  I am a big guy and had a similar issue with my Dynafits, which was resolved by adjusting the heels forward so the pins went into the boot grooves farther.  This may not be your problem, but it is an easy thing to check and adjust if it is.


Here is some info on the relevant adjustment. 

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After a ton of research on the net, I have learned this. The numbers on the binding are more for reference than a real DIN number. Even with the heel gap properly set, variables such as BSL, weight, skier style and even manufacturing variances in the boot will influence when the binding will release. The proper way to set the "DIN" number is to start low and keep dialing it up until unintended releasing stops. That's the theory anyway. When speaking of upward release from the toe, all bets are off. Maybe you should double check your heel gap and try them at 10.5 or 11 first. is the place to go for all things Dynafit.

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Thanks for the feedback. The heel gap is in line with the "tool" provided with the bindings. I also read that because of the twisting motion of the heel piece it is to be expected that it will turn if you're skiing on groomers with strong arching turns. I guess these bindings are not intended for much inbounds but rather pure backcountry skiing.

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I only ski Dynafits, ski at a moderate pace with a gentle technique and on <95mm waist ski 25% in bounds and weigh about 50 lbs less than you so they are a fit with me. Given your charging style, I think your assumption is correct for you. The Dynafit patent has run out and with the new emphasis on wide skis and burly AT boots, the game will be changing in the future.

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