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Still no snow in Switzerland, but may have found out why

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So, no snow since before christmas. Was really warm, 12 degress centigrade on the mountain some days, then rained, and now finally cold but brilliantly sunny.

I was speaking to a local, my french wasn't good enough to completely understand all he was saying, but apparently it has something to do with the cycle of the moon and how the current cycle is causing the high pressure system over us at present.

He said that if you look at the almanac of weather and moon cycles you can see this trend in the past, and subsequently quite accurately predict these long dry spells of warm weather and sunshine.


This is the first time I've heard this. Was a full moon about a week ago or a little less, and it was very big and seemed really low on the horizon. Can anyone elaborate on this.

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hmm, sounds an aweful lot like "the deer turn into Elk at about 8k feet"........

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Tons of snow just over the Splugenpass
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Ahh, yes the Splugenpass.....

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I wouldn't put too much faith in weather or climate forecasters of any type - except maybe for a forecast of 3 days. 

Neither the Famers Almanac nor "the scientists" seems to have gotten this winter right for the US.


Then there is this guy  he certainly looks like every astrophysicist i know.  His forecast is good news for skiers!


But he got this winter right('like hell frozen over"), but maybe not for Switzerland.


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Sounds like a typical El Nino year in the Pacific Northwest.

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Haven't really been paying attention to snow in the rest of the Alps this season, as I doubt I'll ski anywhere in Europe other than my own mountain this year. Our season got off to a tremendous start in November, lifts running Nov. 8, all the mountain covered a week or two later. We've had only two or three big dumps but pretty constant fill-in ever since. Seems like there hasn't been a week without at least 20 or 25 cm. Only problem is we also had rain to 2000 meters the first week of Jan., which is very unusual here. Otherwise, very good season so far. Not a tremendous amount of coverage at village level, but well over 200 cm at 3000 meters. Not a rock to be found.

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prickly, whereabouts are you in europe? I'm near Lausanne, Sion area, absolutely nothing around. I did find some good snow in Thyon2000, old snow from before christmas, really surprised me how good condition it was in, but here in Leysin, it's pretty bad.

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We're close to Splugen, roughly due south of Flims or due west of St Moritz.

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I'll be skiing St Anton starting Saturday.  The reports seems to show the conditions will be good, but I don't think any fresh powder is due. Does anyone know if this has been an average or above average winter there?

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My guess is no snow since first week of this month. I'd check the UK ski club website, they almost certainly have someone on site: http://skiclub.co.uk/

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I skied Lech, Austria last Saturday.  Snow was very good.  They had about 6 in. new over the previous 3-4 days.  Two weeeks before I was at Garmisch and the conditions were terrible.  I was at Lech in early December and we had about 2 ft of fresh that weekend.  The Arlberg region has fared well.  Can't say if it is above or below average.  Here is a photo from last weekend at the bottom of the Weibermahd chair. 




lech jan 2011.jpg

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dude, that's painfully gorgeous.

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