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Buying first new boots since Lange SPH rear entry, returning skier

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A little background: Last year, I returned to the sport of skiing after an 18 year absence. I went on a week long trip to Snowmass, CO. This was my first time on shaped skis and I demoed skis for the week. First day I tried a pair of Volkl AC30's, ending up on K2 Apaches, which I liked, for the rest of the trip. Skied all over the mountain, mostly on groomers but had some front side powder experiences too. I brought my old Lange rear entry boots, bought new in 87-88 and still in good shape, as I knew them to be comfortable, (heated). I really didn't want to spring for new boots just yet.


I was a solid intermediate skier prior to this trip and it didn't take me long to get back in the groove on the new skis. First time up the mountain, I had a bit of apprehension due to my long time away from the sport. Shortly thereafter, I'm wondering why I had ever stopped skiing. Anyway, I'm recommitted to skiing again and plan to do it the rest of my life. This year we are headed out to Whistler Blackcomb. I'll demo skis again on this trip but figure it's about time to pony up for new boots to match shaped skis.


I'm about to spring for a pair of 2011 Lange Blaster 80's. I tried them on at the shop and wore them for maybe 1/2 to 1 hr. No lift in the heal and the toe pocket seems comfortable. This shop is a recognized fitter and they want me to ski them locally before my trip to make sure if any adjustments need to be made.  


I've never had boots custom fitted before, or had custom foot beds made. The last day of skiing in the old Langes, I developed a blister on my right inside ankle, (we skied a ton of verticle that day). I recall reading something about "pronation" that supposedly affects 80% of people, that custom foot beds can address? I'm 6'1" and weigh 205lbs. Will the Blaster 80's serve me well? They seemed comfortable in the store but I'm wondering about the flex., too light for my weight/ability, or about right? Can anyone explain the difference in the way new design boots interact with the skis vs. old designs. My old boots had contact all along the bottom, whereas the new boots only contact at the heel and toe. Any suggestions and insight would be welcome. Thank you for your time.

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blasters 80's should be fine. but just make sure they are not too big.  (newer skier + new boots + comfortable toes = too big?)



go ski them, and make sure you dont get heel lift and maybe try the next size down?

read the wikis on this site to help you too

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Thanks for the reply. Yesterday I skied the new boots and logged about 3 easy hours on hard pack with some ice and crud. My feet stayed warm (temp mid 20's) and mostly comfortable. I did notice some slight pressure on the lower inside arch. Later on when I got my socks off, I had a dime-sized blister on one foot and the beginnings of one in the same location on my other foot, just forward of the ankle and right above the arch. There is a slight boney protrusion there, (navicular bone?). This was the same location where I developed a blister on the 5th day of skiing last year, as mentionied above, but only on one foot. I'm headed in to the fitter today and will see what he has to say. Any opinions here? Arch support perhaps? 


Obviously, blisters are a concern after such a short time skiing. That problem would get progressively worse on a week long trip and I am headed out to Whistler in just over a week. I'm gonna get out at least a couple more times here after adjustments.

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blisters are from movement,  movement is an indication that something is too big, or not supported.


look for a more supportive footbed (itsyoursole.com) or a full custom, and maybe re-check the shell fit on the boots.  5-15mm is your goal.

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Update: After accessing the situation, (support/shell fit) my fitter had me try a pair of off the shelf footbeds, which felt better than the essentially flat stock beds. I decided to go with a pair of custom footbeds made for my foot. He also stretched, actually dimpled, the bootshells where the contact point was. I haven't skied them yet but will report back when I do. I think I'm good to go. Custom footbeds feel great.

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After a week of skiing in Whistler Blackcomb I can say that I had no problems with the newly fitted boots. Warm and comfortable. Professional fitting is definately the way to go.

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