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Upgrading from Rear Entry Boots Dalbello RX

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I have spent the last 3.5 years learning to ski in Rear Entry Boots, Dalbello RX (mondo 26.5) to be exact.

I've tried 4 buckle rental boots and even got a pair at goodwill for $15 and both resulted in pain from what I perceived was the lower calf buckle cutting across my shin. The same thing happened when I got rental boots at Angel Fire in 2009.

Yesterday, I went to Sun and Ski in Dallas, TX and tried on 5 different boots, the most comfortable being the Dalbello Aspire 67 in a 24.5.  Since the guy didn't do any of the techniques I read on these forums I didn't make a purchase.


Could I may have learned, inadvertently to lean too much into my boots and therefore all of the front buckle boots will hurt my shin until I adjust my technique.


Is that a correct assumption or should a boot fitter be able to adjust the impact of the buckle against the shins?


If I comfortable with my skiing and not looking to advance much further than my current level, what would new boots benefit me? My fear is, that after all this to do, I'll end up with a boot I don't like and wearing my rear entrys anyways with my husband saying, I told you so....


I have decided that if I do justify new boots, I wanted to get fitted on a ski trip where I plan to ski at least 3 days. My concern is the adjustments process. I only get a few days on the snow and I don't want to lose any time, so I assume that I get fitted prior to the first day of skiing. If the boots are hurting, do I let it go and continue to ski them hopping they'll break in or do I run to the car and get my old boots and that evening return them to the fitter for further adjustments. If it turns out to be a slope side shop, can the adjustments be made without costing me valuable slope time? The whole adjustment process seems timely.


While I have your attention, I tend to be comfortable with my skiing I often experience a 'catching' of the left inside ski which I attribute to a stance issue or I've never unlearned to wedge. TO say, when I 'French Fry', there's always a deeper cut in the snow from my left inside edge than that on my right. Does this sound like an alignment problem or just sloppy technique?


My ski history:

We live in Dallas and mostly ski the NM and Southern Colorado resorts.

We usually get about 10-15 ski day a season.

It took me 2 years to accept the speed of skiing and then using the wedge consistently enough to stop. Last year it all seemed to click and I started to make turns, side slip and 'hockey' stop. To encourage my advancement to tougher blues, I got a helmet and a pair of nice pair of women's Volkls.Just last month, I tackled 2 black diamonds (non-mogul) runs at Crested Butte. At 42 and out of shape being a full figured woman, I'm not inclined to ski moguls on purpose, but would like be able to side slip them when I come across them. Other than that, improving my current technique is my goal.


Thanks for all your help and you advice is surely welcome and will be taken very seriously.


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so when you go on your next trip, let us know where it is, and we can reccomend a boot fitter in that area, and see what they can do to help you.


Odds are the boots will feel similar in store, as they will on hill.  So if they feel OK, in store, odds are you will not loose a day due to them.  Some ski areas, have boot fitters on the slopes too, so you can go in after a few hours, to get adjustments done.

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Ok, last weekend I made a road trip to Southern CO, namely Wolf Creek and Purgatory at DMR.

Tried a new footbed in my old boots and it seemed to aggravate the situation.

I definetly need to get a quality boot fitter. The closest resort town would probably be Angel Fire, NM, if I'm that close should I go to Taos?.


Our plans are pretty flexible and we are trying to plan a trip for next month with our options being, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake or driving out to Crested Butte.


We will be in Seattle on May 7th, will that be too late in the season?

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