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Meet Mt. Baker

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Here are a few pictures of my home area.  I would love to see others do this with their local haunts as well.


Mt. Baker Ski Area is actually located on "Shuksan Arm" which is a ridge that extends from picturesque, glaciated Mt. Shuksan.  This places it closer to Shuksan than Baker, but since you can't see Shuksan from the lowlands people aren't as aware of it. Baker has a much more well known name, therefore the Mt. Baker Ski Area.


Here's a picture of Mt. Baker from the top of Pan Dome:



And here is Mt. Shuksan from the White Salmon Lodge.  It's visible from most of the ski area and is an incredible presence.

Shuksan and White Salmon


The views from the slopes are unparalleled in my experience.  The mountains are in your lap and are pretty impressive.  This is taken from the unloading area at the top of Chair 8:

Top of 8.JPG


There are two hills that the area is built upon, one is Shuksan Arm and the other is Pan Dome.  Here is Pan from Shuksan Arm.  If you look really closely you'll see Chair 6 carrying skiers from right to left on the foreground slope.  The craggy peak in the background is part of the huge B.C. area surrounding the ski area:

Top of 6 from 5.JPG


Mt. Baker is known for it's nearly unlimited backcountry.  Here is the Table Mountain area, just outside of the ski area.  You can drive to the base of the mesa-like area in the summer where hiking trails take off for the Mt. Baker Wilderness, but at this time of year it's buried under a huge pack of snow.  The unplowed highway actually switchbacks right through ski slopes on the way to its end, but often you can't tell it's there because the snowpack is so deep.  Check out the tracks coming down off of the ridge.

Table Mtn.JPG


As we leave we take one more look at one of the surrounding peaks (don't know the name) on our last run on Chair 8.  I hope you can come visit some day.

viewing from 8.JPG

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Great pics! Baker has long been on my to-ride list, this just helps confirm it.

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Wow.  I've only been in Seattle for 3 years, and haven't made my way up to Baker yet.  I'm going to have to change that very soon.  Gorgeous pics, gorgeous ski area.  Thanks!

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Sweet stuff,Posaune.


 Do you get many days that clear up there?

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

 Do you get many days that clear up there?

What's your definition of "many?"  We can go a month or more with nothing like that and then have a couple weeks of blue skies.  Half of those pictures were taken yesterday. today it's raining, then a little snow, and then sun for the rest of the week.  I suppose we don't get a lot of days like those in the photos, but they're not highly unusual.


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Thanks for posting the great pictures!


Hope to make it over to Baker sometime this season.

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