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Michigan Skiing: Nubs Nob, Boyne Highlands, and a Concussion

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Ok. So the snow was pretty much fantastic this weekend up at Nub's Nob (giggle...nob) and Boyne Highlands just north of Petoskey, Michigan. I swear, I haven't been on snow like this in michigan since I can't remember when. I mean, I had powder up to my upper calves in some places. IT WAS NUTS! It was soft, smooth, and cut like butter. I only found two very small patches of ice at both places. At Nub's it was just above the mogul run. That spot always gets whipped by the wind. At Highlands, it was just on one of the chairlift unloading docks. I couldn't have asked for better snow in Michigan. There wasn't TONS of it, but there was enough to cover everything and it was good snow. I wish there was more, but I always wish that. I night skied at Nub's Nob friday and then snowboarded at Boyne Highlands on Saturday.

Also what was nuts was giving myself a concussion Saturday at around 330pm. I forgot a bunch of stuff but now the only thing I can't remember is the actual fall or how I got myself to the Ski Patrol. The first thing I remember after blacking out was a brief glimpse of someone standing over me after I had fallen asking if I was alright because that was a pretty nasty fall and responding, "Yes." Then the next thing I remember was being put into a neck brace at the Ski Patrol. So this is what happened I guess, I pieced everything together.

I was heading back to the front side of Highlands and I decided to go through the boardercross area they had built. It was open to everyone. There were initially a bunch of rollers. I misjudged the amount of them. I only counted like 4 or 5 big rollers. Ok. Easy enough. I didn't see the following 3 or 5 or 8 mini-ones right afterwards. So needless to say, I had quite a bit of speed thinking that they were done only to come face to face with the mini ones and I must have just bailed. According to the guy that I caught a glimpse of while he was standing over me, it was a pretty nasty fall. It was my stupid mistake for not doing a quick recon or staying in complete control. So at this point, I don't remember anything about this next part, but apparently I found my way to the Ski Patrol on my own accord. I was with no one. I seeked them out myself. They told me I just wandered in there and told them that I just had a bad fall. They must have seen the signs of a concussion because they put me down on a bed and started checking me out. At this point, my consciousness started coming back, but I was confused and couldn't remember anything. They were putting a neck brace on me and asking me questions that I couldn't remember the answers too. I recall my vision was impaired as well. They put me on an ambulance and i was taken to the hospital. I don't remember that part either. I may have fallen asleep. I just have flashes of stuff going on in the hospital. Being asked questions and having answers I should know return. My memory and responsiveness came back over about an hour. They took a Cat Scan and didn't find any sign of damage. They at first wanted to keep me over night. But my progress back was pretty quick so they came back and said they would send me back to my hotel in an hour but that I needed someone to take me home.

My brother and his friend came up last nite and took me home today after we picked up my car and gear at The Highlands. I appreciate them coming out and helping me. I really do, but, honestly, if worse came to worse, I could have driven home today, eventhough I know I shouldn't, but I could have. I was pretty much back to normal after sleeping through the night. My neck is a bit sore from most likely smashing my head into the ground (whiplash) and my right knee is a little sore on the side. I wish I could have stayed and kept skiing. The conditions were perfect and it wasn't busy at all. However, it did keep me from skiing today, when temperatures were at -15F.

So, from one ski bum to another, be careful out there. Accidents happen. I've been skiing since I was 4 years old and snowboarding since I was 13. I've never had an injury in my life like this so I was kind of embarrassed. But considering all the crazy stuff I do, I'm pretty lucky that I haven't had a concussion yet. Wear a helmet. Stay in control. And have fun. And when you do get hurt, make sure you're healthy before going back out.


Take care everyone!

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I love Nubs (giggle) Nob!


Glad you got some freshies in Michigan.  There are some real gems to ski when the snow is good!

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Were you wearing a helmet?  If not it might be time to look for one!


Glad you're ok, and welcome to EpicSki!


Can you send some of that snow down south to us?



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Nubs will always have a special place in my heart... that's where I learned to ski. I was a townie, and we couldn't afford Highlands, but Nubs was about 15-20 minutes from home (IIRC) and I had a season pass... I remember watching Dori ride the chair with her two labs running underneath and skiing down with them bounding beside her. It really was the local area...


I'm glad you had great snow and sorry you got hurt. Be careful out there!

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