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Big White

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I am headed to Big White next week. Can any locals tell or give me some trails they recommend?



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Sign me up as well for some southern BC reportage. How are conditions at Big White? Any dust-on-raincrust? Is the off-piste skiable? Can't seem to find much first hand info on Southern BC since the end of the Pineapple disaster.

Current plans have us flying into Spokane on 2/1, but we may blow off Whitewater and road trip somewhere if we need to locate better conditions. Plan B is to reschedule until March since it looks pretty dry for the next 2 weeks.
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We just spent 5 days there over New Year and were reminded of how much we love Big White!


Like with anywhere, it really depends on your preferences, but there is something for everyone and the snow quality is beautiful.  There are some awesome cruisers either side of the Black Forest Express chair with gladed areas and lots of natural hits if you're into free-riding.


On a powder day, check out the Gem Lake Express side for long, uncrowded trails and some nice tree skiing.  If you're willing to hike for fresh tracks, you should also take the Alpine T-Bar and head up to the peak of Big White, dropping down into Parachute Bowl and The Cliff area.      


We are a ski tour operator just started up North Vancouver.  Sounds like you have your trip booked already, but in case you plan any further trips to BC resorts in future, do please give us a shout.  We only promote resorts that we know and love from first hand experience, so trail recommendations are all part of the service when you book your vacation with us.   


Check out our resort review here  We have also included a trail map on the resort page.


Enjoy!!  smile.gif


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Big White is my "home" resort.  I live in SW Ontario but spend about 4 weeks a season out there.  In a change from most recent January's Big White has been getting lots of snow.  The base is approaching 200 cm. 


As for best runs, what are you looking for?  Groomers?  Trees?


My favourite runs are Dragons Tongue off of the Snow Ghost/Ridge Rocket, lots of bumps and snow.  Off of the Bullit chair, if you are looking for a fun easier tree run, International/Spruce Trail always seem to have lots of snow.  As for the Gem Lake chair that is where the real fun is...  Black Bear, Black Jack, Black Magic are a great way to spend a day or two or....


As mentioned if you want "steep" parachute bowl off the cliff chair will work for you...


Lots of snow, lots of variety of terrain, you should have a great time.

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Thanks for that info, but do you have any idea on the current conditions in the wake of the Pineapple Express? We're mainly off-piste, tree skier types. Have never been to Big White, but it could be on the radar the first week of December if conditions are good enough.
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Can't comment on that I'm afraid as we left there before the warming.  I'd guess that Big White is not as prone to the rain-crust effect compared to the region around Vancouver where we are; temperatures there tend to stay colder.

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Thanks for the update Skiandrun.


I will check those out. I like the trees and powder. Hoping to get some snow while we are there. If we do get snow where would you head if you were going to get first chair.

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Hmmm.   I would start off with a couple of runs down Dragon's tongue as it is closest to the main village.  It is a bump run, reasonably steep and will have lots of snow on it.  There are a few tree runs in that general area as well.   Next lift over from there, the Powder Chair, has some fun tree runs and steep runs off of it.  It is a great spot as typically people only go there as a way to get to the Gem Lake chair. It never seems to be busy...  The downside is the lift is old and very slow.


Once you have had enough of those area you can make your way over to the Gem Lake chair, lots to keep you busy over there.


Damn... I can't wait to get back out there... (3 weeks away).  


Hopefully this feedback helps.  I am sure you will have a great time.  As for the earlier questions about the rain crust effect, I have been going there for 4 seasons and have yet to encounter it.


The only bad thing Big White is famous for is the "fog"  which is really just low clouds, so you may get a poor visibility day.  If you are in the trees though, visibility will be much better.


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