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Frustrated life long boot set up issues. Please help!!!!

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I've been skiing for about thirty years, avg about 20 days a year and can ski just about any sort of terrain fairly well.  It seems that I've never been able to get my set up to a point where I feel confident that I can set an edge quickly and securely.  Medium and long radius turns are not an issue.  Soft to moderate hard pack again presents little trouble, but hard pack, ice and short quick turns are an issue.  I've had a very tough time adjusting to the newer roomier fit of modern day ski boots and the advent of wider skis.  Instead of skiing becoming easier, its become more challenging.  Im used to snug fitting race boots (120 flex) and narrow skis. It seems that the wider type skis exaggerate catching the outside edge and they do not provide a more stable platform.  I've been through surefoot and a number of highly reputable boot fitters.


I'm slightly pronated and slightly bowlegged.  When custom inserts are made, it seems that they address the pronation but that they push my knees outside and while adjusting the cuff appears to line my knee up over the sweet spot of the ski, it feels as though my weight is still shifted toward the outer edge of the skis and it is a long and exaggerated process to get on edge.  I know without actually seeing my feet, knee and leg set up it is very difficult to give advice, but if someone out there could point me in the right direction or recommend a fitter in the NYC area that is patient enough to review all aspects of a proper set up, it would be truly appreciated.  Last piece of info, my shoes wear down on the outside edge of the heel esp on my right foot which is my weaker turning side.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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Since I am on the West Coast some of the other guys might be able to connect you with a good bootfitter in or around NYC, but I thought I would comment on a couple things that might clarify and help you understand ski boots – and how they should fit – and wider skis and the conditions they are ideally made for.

First of all a little about ski boots. Even though ski boot manufactures are offering wider models they still offer narrower boots also. What hasn't changed is how a ski boot should fit: “a ski boot should hold the foot secure and stable without hurting or cutting off circulation”. With the help from a professional bootfitter you should be able to get the fit you need, it's not always easy but it can be done. Ski boot manufactures make wider boots for wider feet, not wider boots for narrow feet. It is unfortunate that you have been having trouble for this many years but there is a bootfitter (or boot) out there that should be able to help you. A custom ski boot might be something to consider.

Now a little about skis. Wider skis (shaped skis included) have been a wonderful addition to what is offered for skiers, however, you cannot lump all of them together into one category because width can very from 80mm under foot to now over 130mm under foot. In general the narrower under foot the better for groomed and mogul skiing, the wider under foot the better for powder and deeper snow.

I'm not sure how it is on the East Coast but over here in the West most ski shops do not carry the narrower skis (68-75mm) because of the popularity of the wider skis has been so strong. However, ski manufactures are still making them and you may have to get a shop to special order you a pair or find a shop that carries more race oriented (harder snow) models. Personally I have one pair of skis for groomed and hard pack, and another for powder and off-piste skiing. You may find a ski that can do it all but there will be compromises on each end of the spectrum.


I hope this helps you out a little.



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Truly appreciate you taking the time to respond Don.  I'm still searching for, what seems like for me, the needle in the haystack when it comes to the boot fitter that figures out what my remaining issue(s) might be with getting more securely on edge.  I've skied long enough to know that I'm most comfortable and ski best in a fairly stiff (120) 98 mm boot with a lower instep and a cuff which accommodates a narrow high calf.  I'm thinking that the issue could possibly be a cant issue esp since I pronate and am slightly bowlegged with a more pronounced issue with my right leg which is my weaker turning leg.  I was hoping that one of the boot fitters might be able to point me to one of the Northeast boot fitters who might specialize in more unique set up issues.  


As for your point regarding the skis, I agree, one ski won't do everything well.  I normally ski a slightly stiffer narrower ski for Northeast skiing and rent a wider ski when I head out West.  The point I was trying to make is that the wider I go with a ski, the more pronounced I feel my set up issues are.  I was thinking a shove toward a boot fitter in the Northeast who understands true canting issues and not just cuff alignment might be the way to go?

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I agree with Don, boot fit has not changed in any way I am aware of.  Every manufacturer makes 98mm recreational race boots and 95mm race boots.  If you have made a change to wider boots you can absolutely change back.


Sounds as if you have an alignment issue that should be addressable with canting.  Yes wider skis could exaggerate the effect, but in the east I'd be skiing modern race skis.



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I'm planning on switching back to a boot like an RS-130 or a slightly softer X3-10 which both seem to fit my foot pretty well.  I would just like to buy the boot and be fitted by a seasoned fitter who understands that I have a complicated set up which has been problematic for most every boot fitter I have seen with the exception of a pair of boots I purchased over 15 years ago.  That fitter is long gone, and I've been stumped ever since.  Any suggestions in the NY Vermont PA area would be most appreciated.  Thanks for the reply.

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This is one situation where I will have to put in a word for Strolz custom boots. You sound like a lot of people I work with that have had fitting issues no matter what boot they purchase. Strolz is a fully custom injected ski boot that forms to your foot, and your foot only. You might at least check out the web sites and if you would like more information there is a shop in New Hampshire that can help you.


Contact Matt at:



More info on my site here:



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I saw Jeff Rich (NYC) for insta print orthotics.  Jeff set me up on Salomon X3-10 boots and sent me to Greg at Heino"s in NJ for the necessary boot work.  Greg was excellent.  He spent a lot of time trying to figure out what needed to be done to get me on a flat ski.  Ground the shell where needed, adjusted the cuffs and decided I needed 2 degrees of cant to get me as close to flat as I've ever been on skis.  I'm presently skiing with 2 degree wedges slipped between my boots and bindings.  Not ideal I know, but this made a huge difference in my skiing.  I'm going back to Greg to have the soles planed after I break the boots in and tweak the degree of cant necessary.  A huge thanks to all for pointing me in the right direction and to Jeff and Greg for so patiently taking the time to truly analyze what needed to be done to get me properly set up. 

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