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Redonkulous Pow

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out here in the north east we are getting pounded, step out of my front door to be greated by 32 inches of snow. two major storms in the past week and another 18 inches predicted for wednesday. might be global warming but i think i might just like it. how are you guys faring snow wise? some of the best pow runs at wachusett on friday after the storm. is it just new england or is everyone getting this snow?



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Well Breck is reporting 60" in the last week...

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oh, how i wish i could be out west...

but that is really impressive!

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Local hill (north of steamboat) had a 28" dump over tuesday night and a little every night since then, ive skied nothing but powder since last saturday, its epic, even the old timers said it was the largest amount at one time they can remember there while still being able to get to the ski area, even though it didnt open till 10 due to a stuck plow truck, the hill is barely steep enough to gain any speed in that powder.

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