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My old but good looking skis and bindings

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Hello everyone.  I just joined the forum and need some advice.  You have probably read many questions from people like me in the past.   Here is my story.  I used to be an advanced skier stationed in Europe in the mid to late 90s.  In 1999 or 2000 I bought some new 178 cm parabolic K2 Merlin V skis with Marker M51 SC Racing bindings.  I also bought new boots.  I used them for one or two seasons and left Europe.  We moved to Arizona, had a boy and then moved to the DC area.  Sadly, I have not used the skis since.  I have kept them in a controlled environment with packaging around them.  Out of the blue, my wife has given me a pass to go out West with a friend to go skiing for a weekend.  We are going to Lake Tahoe.  I broke out my skis a couple of days ago and decided to have a ski shop tune them up and set the bindings.  You can probably guess where this is going.  When I took the skis into the local shop, they told me they were unable to work on my bindings because they are not on an up to date binder list.  Here is my dilemma…the skis and bindings look almost new.  It is just killing me to think they are worthless, just because they are older.  I am having a hard time tossing the skis in a dumpster and walking away.  I understand the shop’s position on safety and liability, but it isn’t like I have been using them constantly as they have aged.  I am not willing to buy new bindings for out of date skis.  So my question to you folks is…am I totally crazy to go online and find instructions to set and test the bindings myself?  If push comes to shove, I will take my boots on the trip and rent skis.  I may not ski for another couple of years and really do not want to spend several hundred dollars on up to date skis.  Any advice would be appreciated.  By the way, I have no illusions of being an advanced skier this time around.  I am guessing I will ski intermediate hills.  I am 46 years old and in good physical condition.  Thank you in advance. 

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I'm always wary about bindings as if they do mess up that is your knee gone and alot of pain and rehab. However you should be able to find a guide online and sort them out. But my recommendation would be to get rental skis. Rental skis these days can be ok, especially if you go for the high end and pay a bit of premium where they are normal retail skis. But I think most rental skis will give you a better experience and let have more fun than skis that are 11-12 years old. You'll be amazed how much skiing has changed since then!

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There are a few..a FEW...bindings that are not of current standards..IE indemnified..the M51 SC is not one of them. Move on. redface.gif. There are also limitations with that binding when moving to a more modern ski in that the brake will not fit and the binding is just laterally rigid enough to maximize the performance of the newer ski. 

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