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I've been in Nordica Doberman Aggressor 100 in a size 25 for the last 6 years.  The liner is as packed out as that liner gets and I'd like to trade up to a new boot.  I am looking for something stiffer and with little taller cuff.  When I bought this boot the only options were  the Aggressor 150 and the 100.  The 150 was just too stiff.  The 130 was made the next year.  It doesn't appear that Nordica makes the Aggressor line anymore.  Any suugestions for a 120-130 flex boot with similar characteristics?

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no one is doing a race boot with the offset/aggressor cuff now.  you can find the similar shape in most race boots (nordica included) in the 130ish flex, but not with that offset.


maybe ebay for old stock?

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