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Proposal: an "ACL Injury Wiki", for skiers by skiers

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It's Day 3 since I tore my ACL and fractured my tibial plateau, and I have been powering through as  many posts in the FIR section as possible. While the experience sucks, the huge amount of information I've taken from this forum has been helpful beyond words. In fact, there  is so much information packed into the FIR board on ACL injuries, it's a bit overwhelming and reminds me of the internet saying about sipping from the  fire hydrant. Given that Epic Ski has a wiki section, and given that there's  always a fresh crop of ACL victims coming to the FIR board for information, I wonder whether the best way to capture and serve up all of this information is  to create an ACL injury wiki, by skiers for skiers.

The point of the wiki would not be to offer medical advice, of course, but it would be a great resource designed to guide each person through the process from the initial treatment ownard, with a combination of objective information and testimonials from members who have lived through it. It could even have a  glossary for all of the many terms (autograft, allograft, patellar, ACL, MCL, effusion, MRI, etc), and a list of links to outside sites which are considered,  in the collective wisdom of the group, to be helpful and appropriate. There could be different sections for "the first 7 days", pre-op phase, post-op, braces, the various procedures available, etc.

I think there is an opportunity to create an extremely valuable resource about ACL injuries that is created by and for skiers. Does anyone think an ACL wiki would be helpful? Or, a less  ambitious project would be a “sticky” thread which is a clearing house for the information most often sought. I am happy to dedicate whatever time I can to the project, some of which I will be doing in any event as I educate myself as part of my own recovery.



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great idea. I am on holidays in Japan and have ruptured my ACL, 6 days ago now. I'm not getting detailed info from the Japanese OS due language limitations, and my GP at home hasn't emailed me yet.

The process of what happens in regards to PT pre and post surgery would be useful, as well as what things worked for different people: think someone mentioned acupuncture being useful for reducing swelling. It would be  really useful to have all that information compiled together in one place.



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Sorry to hear of your injury!  I think that a wiki could be helpful.  It looks like any member can start one.  I think it might be a slippery slope to tread though, as I don't know how many people are willing to be taken as an 'expert', especially in an area where people could be making serious decisions based on the info contained therein.  I agree that it was a pain to wade through all the posts, though.  There's no lacking for websites having lots of good information, both clinical and anecdotal, that's for sure!  I'd say that if you wanted to start a wiki, as long as there were disclaimers given, I'm sure that it would help many people.  As painful as it was to plow through the 'ACL' thread, the anecdotal information given(especially from kcxd, for one) was priceless.


If you're still looking for info, I found some good info just by searching 'knee' in Wikipedia.  For more stories, there's a 'gimp zone' forum on tetongravity.com too.


Maybe all we'd need for a wiki here would be a list of weblinks arranged into groups, based on topic/info desired.  That way, no one gets into the 'medical advice business' and would be easier to put together. 

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It is actually a great thought!  I have seen an increase in folks this time of season w/ ACL tears.  One of my ideas for years has been to educate skiers on the recovery & the training for prevention of this style of injury!


Best recoveries to all!


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 One of my ideas for years has been to educate skiers on the recovery & the training for prevention of this style of injury!



Good idea. I tore my ACL and I had to filter through allot of posts to get the info you want. While I don't trust all info on forums, I did find the info helpful. It's one thing for a couch potato to talk rehab time and a skier to talk rehab time.

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I think there have been enough positive replies to give this a shot, I'm willing to invest some time to see if it takes off.


I agree with the caution about providing medical advice. As long as the content doesn't purport to advise people on their injuries I think we're okay -- particularly if there is some basic CYA language, i.e., this is medical information not medical advice / go see a doctor / use at your own risk.


While my initial diagnosis was an ACL tear or rupture, the MRI results came back and there is no sign of either. So, I'd feel like quite the poseur writing about ACLs as there are others with far more impressive credentials. What I can write about is a bad knee ligament sprain and a fractured tibial plateau. I am happy to put together what I can, so that anyone with a similar injury can get up to speed fast on what they're dealing with. Maybe what I'll do is post my draft content as a reply to this thread and we can go from there in terms of creating a wiki or a sticky. I hope to find time this week to do this, but it might be longer. This could serve as the prototype, and we can then go from there in terms of how to replicate for other injuries if there is interest (and, importantly, volunteers).


One thing to keep in mind is how to create something that is adaptable enough that it can be improved by contributions from others, but doesn't become a repository for anecdotal information (which is entirely legitimate to post on this site, but in my humble opinion defeats the purpose of a wiki-like resource). Not sure what the solution is, just throwing that out there for consideration.


Sound OK?



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Good idea although I'm not much help.  I completely tore my ACL and my meniscus is a huge mess.  Not too much pain and since my doc seems it's not important to fix the ACL because of my age (52) I'm ready to go running, with pain meds of course.  Sounds like he didn't seem to concerned about it.  Although he doesn't know how I ski.  I know my leg is unstable but he said he wanted full range of motion before he went in and orthoscopically fixes the meniscus.  What do you think?

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Originally Posted by iriponsnow View Post

It is actually a great thought!  I have seen an increase in folks this time of season w/ ACL tears.  One of my ideas for years has been to educate skiers on the recovery & the training for prevention of this style of injury!


Best recoveries to all!


I think we're onto sumpin' here!  Brian, with your inherent web superpowers, could maybe parse out the most useful posts from the ACL threads here for insertion into  'topics' links for part of the Wiki.  Without having to do much(other than invest some time) or create any new content, you could probably put up a reasonably-well organized online tome.  I think the trick would be to have the right top-level topic 'buckets', and where to parse/place existing posts - I could easily see 3 top-level links,(less is more) with the content nested within:


Knowlege Base (---> Injury description, research papers, rehab/PT, pre-op checklist, post-op checklist, surgical outcomes, etc)

Experiences (---> <by subject - multiple contributors>, and/or <by episode - an individual's chronicle> )

Links (---> other forums, specialty devices/services websites, articles/websites with useful info, etc)


 Many people here have chronicled their experiences as they went along their injury path, while some chipped in choice content infrequently along the way...  If you pulled out the progress posts from a few select individuals and put them into their own 'Experiences' buckets, a reader could more easily follow one person's anecdotal experience, from beginning to end, without all the extra reading.  Also, if you also sort out the concise, informative, 'lay-replies' into a subject-based 'Experiences' sub-bucket, you could build a nice anecdotal subject-based 'FAQ' that covers alot of questions in plain-speak, as an alternative to dry articles.  You could probably repost public-domain excerpts from useful articles now found online into the 'Knowlege Base',(studies, journals, wikipedia, etc.) and for information that is not public-domain, you could provide links to(with permission) in the 'Links' bucket/sub-bucket.  Or something like that.  


Just a thought for an outline... 






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Great idea! Count me in on contributing info. I'm a librarian, so one of the things I did after my ACL rupture was read absolutely everything I could find about it, both online and off. As well as sharing what I've learned from my own experience, I could consolidate the reading I did into a library of authoritative resources for people looking for further reading or more information. There are a ton of studies out there that are really helpful, but they're not always easy to dig out of the profusion of content mill articles (about.com, ehow, etc) that tend to clutter up the first few pages of a Google search result.

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You are well-qualified to drive this wiki, IMO.  You are the person that I had in mind when suggesting a wiki section that included anecdotal experiences.  Your injury chronicle is excellent, and since you've also done alot of reading too, my guess is that you'd also be stellar at whittling the research articles that you've collected down into a more palatable form suitable for wiki-consumption here.(kneegeeks is a great reference, for one)  I guess it doesn't hurt to be a librarian, either.  wink.gif  Brian, what do you think?  

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I'm certainly game to give it a shot (and rather honoured that my thread has been that much help!) Let me know if you guys would like me to proceed. In the meantime I'll wander over to the wiki section and get the lay of the land. wink.gif

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I haven't a clue about using the wiki creation function here - I'm not sure if there are substantive creation tools without needing to be a moderator, but supposedly a user with a certain level of 'experience' on the site has some form of tools at their disposal to create one.  I hope that it works for you.  If it's cheesy to use, maybe Brian would know how to set you up with a better editing tool.(iriponsnow, where art thou?)  

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I'll see if I can get a framework set up over the weekend. If I can make the elderly, temperamental wiki that we use at work cooperate with me, I'm hopeful that I can manage this one. ;) If not, I'll see if I can track down someone with moderator access...

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KC: we are all very fortunate to have someone with your credentials and experience offer to set this up. I'm going to move over and let you have at it, but if there's anything I can do to assist just let me know.


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That's the best part of a wiki - only one of us needs to set it up, but once it's there we can all contribute. 


BTW, I'm really glad to hear that your ACL is intact. A TPF is no fun either, but I wouldn't wish a ligament rupture and the subsequent decision process, surgery and recovery on anyone. Hopefully this means you'll be back on the slopes sooner rather than later. smile.gif

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Okay, I've done some initial work on this:




There's still lots more content to add, but this gives an outline of how I see the wiki building out and the main sections. I'm trying to make each section a concise and factual summary, with links (one for now, but I plan to add more) to web sources that provide more information. Then at the end I'll put together two collections of resources - one anecdotal (links to other threads here, KneeGeeks, etc) and one authoritative (full-text articles that are available online). I'm hoping that will provide a good balance between general web information, professional studies and research, and personal experience. And, of course, that other people will start to add in resources of their own!


It's a work in progress, so feedback is very welcome at this point. smile.gif

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Looks good so far!  I hope it hasn't been too much of a time-drain for you.  It sure looks like you've done some significant work here.  Hopefully, it will not be overlooked being filed under 'A' - some people without injury experience might only look at 'Injuries' or 'Skiing Injuries'(or even just 'Knee'  because they don't really know to think of  'ACL'.    That would maximize your hard work, as more people may find it,  and could lead to significant categoric additions.  I could see where doing that might encourage others(ie, the Quad rupture people) to start their own injury wiki and file it alongside this one.


Injury - ACL

Injury - Quadriceps

Injury - etc


or something like that maybe.


Aside from that minutia, it sure looks impressive, and I hope that you get a lifetime good-will pass for your efforts! cool.gif

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Dropped some tim into today w/ help of one of our grad students!  Will cont. to update next week!

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Awesome! I've been absolutely swamped at work so I haven't had time to make more progress, but I have a couple more sections ready to go - hopefully this coming weekend. That's if the snow doesn't distract me...

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Finally got around to adding some more content while off work with the flu - have to do something to keep my brain occupied. ;) Thanks to iriponsnow for your contributions - this is shaping up really well. Additional comments, feedback and contributions very welcome.

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