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Kitz results

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So, is Bode back?

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Hard to see him winning any World Cup races; this was the only one he really cared about. I could see him doing something at the World Championships, though.


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Bode might have another shot, but Cuche man....  Talk about being consistent.

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Would luv to have seen Bode win this one.  He could've retired tomorrow. 

Cuche's run was brilliant!


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I've never seen anyone handle the Mausfalle as beautifully as Cuche did on Saturday.  His perfect tuck as he flew 80 meters was a thing of beauty.  I'm sure we'll see the 'Master of the Streif' back next year for a repeat before he ends his career.  Tough luck for Bode.  He had the run of his life, only to be knocked off the top by Cuche's perfect run.


This is a great hi-def view of the run if you view it full size.


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I'd say put a fork in the World Cup season after today's (Sunday) results.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

I'd say put a fork in the World Cup season after today's (Sunday) results.

Could be, yeah.  It certainly seems that Kostelic is simply too strong, overall, and barring injury (something that Kostelic, unfortunately, is quite prone to having) he should hold on to the lead for the rest of the season.  Svindal is the biggest threat (on paper, at least), but he seems to be on some slow Head skis this year - one of the drawbacks of Head doubling their sponsorship of top-tier racers this season.  


As for other potential contenders, it seems that Zurbriggen has lost whatever mojo he had early in the season - or more likely, the rest of the field has skied into peak form.  Janka is far from the form he displayed last year.  Ligety is having a great year, but really needs to finish more consistently in SL and SG to be a contender.  Raich is skiing his usual boring stuff, and just can't contend for the overall with Kostelic's better game.  Bode is skiing well in stretches, but it seems that he's focused on the World Champs at this point.

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