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Jay Peak Ridge

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If you take the tram to the top, can you take a hike up to the ridge on looker's left and ski down on the rest of the resort? If so, how long is the hike and how steep is the run down? (is it safe too if you don't know the area?) The two runs I know up there are Saddle and Pumphouse, I'd probably do Pumphouse because it seems way easier to find (hmmm a steep chute or a steep chute with a house lol).




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 Okay, I got a vague idea of the ridge from researching. Probably people are not wanting to share their secret spots with the internet, I'm perfectly okay with that. Can't wait to go there, the terrain up there looks sick for out east.

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If you are talking about the next mountain behind the tram, the answer is no.  A few years ago they closed the area access off from the mountain, they do still allow people to hike up the area to ski it but they do ask people to stay off a couple sections that a couple guys clear cut (were arrested and prosecuted for doing this, also one of the reasons they closed access from the mountain).  The area is known as Big Jay and it can be accessed from Rt. 242 just past the access road to Jay if you are heading towards Montgomery.  Here is a site that explains a lot more about why they closed it off if you are interested in reading,      .  You can also search it on Google.


The trail you can access from Jay Peak is called the Dip, search it too and make sure there is lots of snow.

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Thanks for the info skiierx, but I was looking for info on the terrain accessed from the staircase at the top of the tram, that big,steep expanse between Green Beret and the Face Chutes. It's inbounds.

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I just skied the ridge this past weekend.  I skied it late Sunday and there were only a few tracks up there even at the end of the weekend ,so it doesn't see a lot of action.  I imagine this is because it's not easily access terrain from what I saw.  You can climb the stairs, hike about 50 feet over rocks, then ski the rest of the way across the ridge to the drop in at pumphouse.  This past weekend, the drop in was maybe a 25ft or bigger exposed rock face with some ice coverage (anyone know the varying size of this depending upon conditions?  Looks bigger up top for sure!).  You have room for one or two hop turns then you have to straight line the rest of it cliff face.  After that, it was the best snow I had seen all weekend.  Untouched, steep, trees. 


Maybe this area is a local secret, or maybe people don't know much about it because it is intimidating and off the beaten path.  I only skied it because I hooked up with two locals who I followed down.  I would not have skied it alone, nor would I have gone down without seeing someone familiar with the terrain go first.  It made the face and tuckermans feel a bit trivial.  Definitely fun skiing if you have a partner and are looking for some thrills.



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