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To buy or not to buy Demos

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Is it worth it to buy demo skis?  Are these skis usually sketchy?  How much if you had to guess would I or should I save?  What are your experiances?

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kind of a crap shoot over the internet IMO, if you get to see them in person then you can find good deals. I found a pair of Dynastar Sultan 94s at the very begining of this season used for only one day last season by experienced riders for review purposes. The skis were in brand new condition not a clue they were used. $575 for the pair with the PX12 demo bindings and after selling a pair of older skis and reinvesting the money I paid $475 for this years model ski and they were considered Demos. If you look and are very patient you can find a great deal used, demo and even new.

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I've never found demos to be such great bargains, mainly because as one gets towards the end of the season, it's often possible to get the same thing brand new for only $100-$150 more.


Also consider that the typical demo has 30-40 days of use and the life of most skis is somewhere in the 100-120 day range. Might be worth it if this is a second or third ski, but not so much if it's your only ski or "go to" ride.


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Bought some Watea 94's that had been demoed a couple of years ago.  I thought they were in great shape, so I bought em - no regrets.  Sight unseen might be a different story.

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some have just been tortured!  You have to be careful that you aren't buying a ski that looks good but is shot. I bought a pair of demoed skis a couple of seasons back, the site said they were used about 15 days...  I got them, they looked cosmetically fine but they were slightly bent and partially decambered,,,,  Set them back.


I bought a pair of Phils mx78's and 88's, they were used but in great condition and still have plenty of life.  Buy from someone you know and trust. 

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Just be very careful. Ask exactly what they have been used for, if your lucky they will have been used by shops maybe to demo for themselves or are an unpopular left over demo from last year. You can usually find some bargains, if you look around properly.

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You typically get what you pay for.  I wouldn't pay 60% of retail for a ski with 30 days on it. Save a little more, try to find a deal on a new pair, and you won't have to worry about it. If it has 10 days on it, then that is probably a different story.  I bet our demos have less than 10 days on them when we sell them in the spring, but at the mountain's ski shop, it might be more like 50 days.

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 It really depends on the ski.   I've purchased plenty of demo's that had only been skied a couple of days.  Usually the longest ski in the line. 

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Several years back I demo'd a ski at an end of season demo day that one of the local shops puts on every year at the local ski hill. I loved the ski but didn't want to pay close to full retail for them. Later that fall I went to the ski shop to see what they had on hand before the big pre-season sale. There was the same demo ski, looking pristine and basically brand new for 70% off retail. Bought them on the spot. I still ski them today, and my friends take 'em for a spin every now and again since they have the demo binding on them.


I also bought a pair of demo skis off the internet. The bindings were in okay shape but they had obviously been skied quite a bit. They had been tuned and waxed, so they were in decent shape. Again paid less than half retail for them, and it's the still the ski I ski most often, although they are just about ready to be retired.


So you can find some decent demos out there. Personally if you can buy them local, that's the best bet. Lots of ski shops unload demos at the end of every season. Just look them over and pick the pair that is in the best shape.

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