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Identical in-boot ankle sprains

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Hey Boot Guys,


I'm running this past you to find out if you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions regarding my situation.


Me:  Almost 60 years old, skiing since early 20s, good competent skier, 5'8" tall, approximately 175 pounds, and I have a small volume foot.  I would have skied at least 60 days this year but this injury will reduce that.  These are the only foot problems I've ever had.  I have no problems wearing shoes off the shelf.


Boots:  Salomon Course Pro SC, flex 95, custom foot beds, booster straps, and fitted by one of the best bootfitters at Taos Ski Valley.  These boots are 6 years old, have lots of ski days on them, and liners were cooked last season to rejuvenate them.  The fit is snug with no foot movement.  Cuff alignment is all that was needed.  I suspect these boots will soon have to be replaced.


First injury:  January 2007.  The snow was soft and plentiful.  I was skiing on Dynastar 8800s.  On that I day, I had no falls, no pain, no signs of injury, or other difficulties.  That night my right ankle began to hurt and swell.  The pain was from ankle knob to ankle knob across the top of the foot with most of the pain on the inside of the foot.  It took several weeks for the sprain to resolve.  Fast forward...


Second injury:  January 2011.  The snow was groomed packed powder.  I was skiing groomers on Fischer Progressor 8+ skis.  Once again I had no falls, no pain, no signs of injury or other difficulties.  The night after that day of skiing my right ankle began to hurt and swell.  The pain was as before and I have limited range of motion.


I'm active in other sports and I have never had this problem except for these two times skiing.  Could it be the boots?  Do I need a stiffer flex?  Or, is something going on with my foot that only occasionally gets set off?  I will see my bootfitter once the swelling goes down but I'm hoping some of you may have seen something like this before and can offer some feedback.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. 

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stiffer might help, but hard for us to see how fat you can move in the boot right now, vs how far your ankle can flex not in a boot.


did you talk to a physio to see how the injuy happened (what part of your foot, was moved in what direction, too far?)

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I went to a podiatrist.  His examination included imaging which revealed several interesting structural things going on.  The injury is inflammation of the tibialis anterior tendon and the Achilles tendon.  He said I have a low volume foot, which I knew already, but that the ankle area is more similar to a high volume foot, which probably caused the boot to inflame the tibialis anterior tendon just below the ankle.  He said I need a boot with a wide enough throat to accommodate my ankle but low volume otherwise.  He further said that due to the shape of my heel and the way in which my Achilles is attached to it, I need a stiffer boot to inhibit too much forward flex.  He also said that due to the structure of my foot nerve impingement is a concern but that is not now going on at this time.


He is of course not a bootfitter.


Does this make sense to you as a bootfitter?  I will talk to my bootfitter once the swelling goes down.  This next fitting should prove interesting.

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yup,   I could work this info


where are you?   odds are we can send you to a local boot fitter to help

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