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Best budget skis

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Alright so I got a challenge for you guys, I am on a very strict budget (paying for college and all), but also desperately in need of his new pair of skis.  So could you guys make a list of the best skis that I could get for between $100-$200, (one or two seasons old obviously).  I am thinking a twin tip all mountain ski for out west.  A friend suggested K2 Public Enemies but lets see what suggestions you can come up with.


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The budget makes it tough to find a true all around ski in that price range. K2 recons can usually be had for $150 to $200 used.

Their downside is they get pushed around in crud, but do good in just about everything else. They have arear rise, but not a full twin tip.

Tons of places have these as ex-demo skis, I got a pair a few years back with Salomon 12ti bindings for $200.
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Your best bet would be hold out a year and get all of this season's gear used for ridiculously cheap. 

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Not a lot of decent stuff at that price range.  Best bet would be a ski swap, but those are usually in the fall. 

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They're out there.  Recent deals I've seen:


RX8 in 175 $125

Dynastar Contact 11 in 172 on ebay went for $175.

Dynastar 6th Sense Big 186 w/new PX12s for $150 (bought these myself for the binding, may sell ski only cheap after I ski them a bit)


Every one of these was in nice condition.  Hunt Craigs, ebay, TGR gear swap. Ski deal season is coming up soon.

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Two hundred for skis with bindings is pretty tough.  Also, I see you're in Washington St., so some of the wimpier/cheaper park skis (Silencer) would really get pushed around, you need something substantial.  PE is a decent choice (you could go even fatter), but it's not easy to find with bindings for $200. 


In addition to e-bay and craig's list, check Play it Again Sports if you have one nearby (they buy and sell used skis).  Sometimes you can get lucky there (sometimes...).


Finally, I haven't used them, so I can't personally recommend, but appears to have some decent deals on used ski packages.  I have purchased used gear from the outlet (kids ski boots and a pair of kids skis with demo bindings) and I can say that the stuff I purchased was in at least as-advertised condition, if not better.  Evogear's outlet may be outside your price range for used skis with bindings. 


Good luck,



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Not sure of exactly the type of ski you are looking terms of reasonably priced new skis from the last few years, I would have Legend 8000s, Watea 84 & 94, and Scott P4s on the list...$200 might be a stretch for any of these with bindings, but if they were a little nicked up and someone was desperate???  If you are looking for a GS race ski, sometimes those can go for a song at a ski swap (especially one organized to benefit a race program, but these are usually in the fall).


check tgr- as the season moves on, sometimes guys get desperate to move some stuff. 

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Good point om the Wateas.  I ebayed some perfect 94s in Dec on ebay and only got $199 w/bindings.

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Start shopping Ebay in about May. There will be plenty out there before next season starts.  I always manage to find some killer deals during the summer. It's just like the stock market. You gotta know when to buy and when to sell. Though, I have much better luck with skis.

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