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popped my 'powder cherry' today. absolutely hooked.

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This is definitely a 'cool story, bro' post, but I honestly just have to proclaim my excitement. I took the day off work today due to stories of a major storm rolling through our area last night. My decision paid off as I was one of only 10 people to plunder the fresh 8 inches of powder that blanketed our local ski hill. I've never skiied powder before, and never really understood everyone here raving about it (don't get me wrong, your stories and pictures look awesome, just didn't have any first hand experience). I had no problem adapting to the change in technique, it came pretty natural (might be different when skiing huge dumps out west I'd imagine). Anyway, I'm absolutely stoked and can't wait until my next gift of powder.


Anyone else care to share their 'first powder day', or are they as common as days with sunshine for some of you ?



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Congrats, now you can go about wreaking your life like a lot of us have, all in the pursuit of skiing powder. Oh, it starts simple enough, a 8" storm here, a 12" storm there. The next thing you know you are clued to the weather channel, chasing storms across the West with nothing but a couple pairs of skis, a half tank of gas, some grass, a 12 pack of Coors and some hitch hiker you picked up in Boise. Then you get into the goods, the Bird on a inter-lodge day, first tracks down Hobacks at Jackson, or west face on KT after a major dump. Now you are hooked big time and start to think that selling your dog, so you can pay for time on a Heli out of Thompson Pass doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Dude, run now take up ping-pong it will cause you less issues. 


Just kidding, welcome to the club. I had skied powder a few time at my home mountain of Crystal in Washington where I learned to ski, but the first time I really got "it" was at SnowBird when the road closed and there was no one on the hill, back in the late 80's or early 90's. Gad chute after Gad chute, whew. It was all downhill from there.

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First powder day was two years ago, first time I got the rythem was last year, this year my local hill has been blessed with massive dumps and im hooked for life, not gonna go chasing it, still have to finish college, then join ski patrol and start the chase. Glad to hear you finally get the thrill of powder, my brother still doesnt have a clue how to ski it or why its such a blast, but he's a flatlander so its all good.

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Once you taste the sweet nectar we call powder you're hooked for life.  And as any powder junky will tell you - you can never have enough.


Some powder stoke for a powder thread:


Vail yesterday (01.20.2011)


Vail - Powder 20110120.PNG



KevinF was in town before heading to Aspen for ESA and Faisasy was nice enough to show him how we roll in the big CO.  He said it was his most epic skiing day ever.

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I need to take a cold shower!biggrin.gif

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It's snowing like crazy right now and I'm booked for an early tram tomorrow with a group who wants to schralp it all!

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Now, you can truly appreciate this movie.


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Now you can truly appreciate this.



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Simply amazing...
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Wait, I'm confused.  You mean there's something you can ski something other than powder?  

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More Stoke!  Once you've had pow you'll never go back - I shouldn't say that, i like railing the Groomers as well!

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that's sick !

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