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I'm looking for an all mountain ski that fits my needs.


About me: 5'9 165 lbs. I'm an expert type III skier, been skiing since I could walk.


What I'm looking for: I'm looking for an all mountain ski to ski East and West Coast. I like doing it all, off piste steeps, bumps, and groomers. Although I'm a good skier, I don't need a crazy aggressive racing style ski. I'm hoping to find something thats soft enough for moguls but will still hold an edge out east. I'm also only 165 lbs so I don't think I will need the stiffest ski on the market. I'm also thinking of getting an additional powder ski for big snow days (probably Icelantic Shamans), so my all mountain ski doesn't need to be crazy wide (probably  no more than low 80s under foot). I tried the mantras last year and they were way too much of an aggressive GS ski and not nearly soft enough in the  moguls. I tend not to like very wide turning radius' but could deal with wider ones if they were reactive enough and felt smaller. 


Does anyone have advice? I'm debating between the AC30s, Head IPeak 78, and Fischer Motiv 84. Any feeback on these skis or additional recommendations would be greatly appreciated.