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I just discovered this forum.  We'll be at Crested Butte, for the first time, next month for 4 days for a race series that our daughter is in.  We're Summit County, Vail and Steamboat skiers.


I'm an expert skier, but not a risk-taker; I will ski a bump run any day over the steeps.  My real issue is that I have a fear of heights / agraphobia.  It mostly effects me on chair lifts (you're allowed to laugh), especially those that are high up, slow and worst of all, have no bar.  I've looked at the Crested Butte map, and it looks like most of the lifts are express, which is a good thing - but I can't tell how high off the ground, or how exposed, the lifts are.  Also, I'm not too into skiing steep bowls (that's the agraphobia part) - narrow, treed bump runs are great, even if they're also steep.


Could anyone give me any guidance on which lifts or runs might freak me out, and which runs I might love?  As a comparison, for lifts at Vail, I haven't taken Tea Cup in years, but I'm ok with everything else (I think there's a slow lift somewhere that we don't take).  We ski Highline and Prima a lot, and the Back Bowls (except I won't take Lover's Leap).  At Breck, I can handle the Falcon except if it's real windy (well, then it's usually closed anyway), and I'll do the Imperial if the snow's good.  The T-bar is my friend.  I've done Whale's Tail twice, but it's not worth the mental anguish.  Devil's Crotch is ideal when the snow's good.  Copper, even though I like the mountain, has too many slow lifts without bars.  I can stomach Resolution on a powder day; Sienna I can do about once, even though the runs off it are usually very good.