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Yes, I mean YOU!


I've had it with all the posing around here.  It seems like everyone's an expert and better than everyone else.  Since that can't be the case and I'm clearly the best skier on Epic, including Chaos, I challenge everyone/anyone to a ski off to prove it.


Here's the deal:  I'll meet you at any resort in the Rockies, the Sierras, or the Alps, wherever you choose.  We'll ski it off and the loser buys lunch.


In order to take advantage of this all you need to do is arrange/pay for my transportation, lodging, meals, and lift tickets.  I'll take care of the rest.


Come on, are there any skiers out there who have guts and want to test themselves against the best?  Here's your opportunity!


I'm completely serious.

You are going to have to post some photos with your open challenge, and I don't mean with your goretex on, maybe something in a bath towel popcorn.gif. sugar daddies have requirements and standardsicon14.gif. see some of the escort sites for the type of image expected of you. cool.gif


note: know how working girls wear a certain something on the street so a potential date knows who is who. I wonder if there is some type of ski clothing you could wear that would let people know you were a "working guy"wink.gif trying to work your way to Aspen.

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Didn't you notice that I capitalized Sugar Daddy?  That means that it's a proper name, not a title.  Frankly (surprise, surprise) I'm just looking for a free trip to somewhere else so I can ski.  A sugar mamma would be even better.  The payoff for the person who takes me up on this is that if you do whip my butt, then you can call yourself the greatest skier in the universe with as much authority as I have done.


But since you asked, here is a picture of me taken at work.  I don't want to dazzle you too much with my physique, so I left the entirely topless shots out.



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I guess the shot with the bath towel might not be necessary.

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