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Somehow I've managed to accumulate way more goggles and helmets than I can justify owning, so need to get rid of these.  I'm super anal about taking care of my goggles especially, so you will not be disappointed in the condition of the gear.


All prices include shipping to the lower 48.  Payment by Paypal preferred.


Smith Variant Brim Helmet with Skullcandy Twin Tip Audio - Size Medium - SOLD




  • Twin-Tip Audio Kit gives you phone and audio compatibility in a reliable, hard-wired package
  • 22 Adjustable vents let you blow off steam whenever you need
  • Hybrid SL construction combines tough Bombshell ABS with lightweight In-Mold tech for a feathery weight and iron-clad toughness
  • AirEvac 2 ventilation system works in concert with Smith goggles to keep your vision clear at crucial moments
  • X-Static Performance Lining uses a silver-coated fiber to help reduce odor and static and to increase heat transfer
  • Slidelock chin adjustment makes wearing a helmet a comfortable experience
  • Snapfit ear pads let you was your funk off once in a while


Used for around 15 days.  Excellent condition with no impacts.  It does have a Snowbird sticker on the top, but I can take that off and remove any sticker residue before shipping if you like.


Retail is $190.  Will sell for $90.




Smith I/O Horrorgami - 2010/11



Inspired by rimless fashion eyewear and driven by the need for interchangeable goggle technology, the I/O brings full interchangeability and a sleek, rimless design aesthetic to the Spherical series. The I/O is technology and style at their finest.


+ Patented Vaporator Lens Technology with Porex™ Filter

+ Quick release lens system

+ Green SOL-X mirror lens installed

+ Sensor mirror lens included

+ Medium fit

+ QuickFit strap adjustment system

+ Helmet Compatible

+ Includes microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve


Used 3 days.  These do have a mark / scratch on the SOL-X lens, but it is on the part of the lens that covers the frame (top center) and is not in the field of vision. Sensor Mirror Lens is perfect.


I bought these for $160 which seems to be what they're going for where they're still in stock.  $110.




Oakley A-Frame 2009 White Factory Text/Black Iridium + Accessories


Developed for small to medium faces, the Oakley A Frame Goggle offers a Polaric Ellipsoid profile that's similar to the Oakley Wisdom Goggle, but without the almost-alien styling elements. The lower vents feature foam plugs that some consider more conducive to airflow than the perforated O Matter lower vents on the Wisdom Goggle. What the A Frame lacks is a hinged articulated strap and metal icon elements--if you can live without the extras found on the status-symbol eyewear, this is all the peripheral coverage and comfort you'll need for skiing and snowboarding. The plush triple-layered foam gasket features varied densities that conform to your facial features with far more comfort than traditional goggle designs, giving you a combination of peripheral clarity and fit that blow away the competition.



As well as the goggles, original black iridium lenses and the soft case, these come with a hard case, a helmet extender strap, pink iridium lens, and H.I. yellow lens.  It's an awesome goggle "quiver".  the black iridium is great for really bright days, the pink iridium works well in fairly low light, but isn't too bright if the sun comes out, and the H.I. yellow is great for ultra flat light and night skiing.


These have been used 20 days total.  All lenses are in absolutely mint condition.


I looked at the retail prices for all of this and to buy from new, this set up would be $320.  You can usually find some of this stuff at a discount though, so could probably pick it up for $250.  Selling these in like new condition for $150.



Edited by Wade - 1/26/11 at 4:00pm
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Monday morning price reduction bump:


Helmet - $70


Smith Goggles - $90


Oakley Goggles - $120

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Helmet is sold.  Both goggles still available.

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One last pre ebay bump.  Both goggles still available.

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hey are u still selling the smith goggles

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well i would like to buy the smith goggles

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i saw them on ebay but i got different goggles and they got torn up by my dog so if u put them back on ebay i will buuy them

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i have pm'd you

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hey wade, i've reached my message limit, can you message me your e-mail address? thanks

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Oakleys SOLD.  Just the Smith I/O left.

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Wade - PM sent.

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