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Snow Conditions at Tahoe???

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Hey guys, I'm due to arrive in Tahoe next Weds and have been keeping an eye on the weather. Looks like its been really warm and dry out there for the last 2 or 3 weeks, so just wondering how the snow is holding up and if any storms are forecast??? Anybody got any info?

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Unfortuately, we haven't see snow since New Years Day and looking at the upcoming forecast, it is looking quite sunny. Conditions have been "firm" and "crispy" of late. 

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Thanks for the info, I originally planned on spending 10 nights in and around the Tahoe area, but am now considering a trip out to Utah and the Canyons ski areas (I undertsnad they have great conditions right now).  Unfortunately I can't change my flight which arrives and departs in San Fran.  Looking on the map its about an 8 hr drive from Tahoe to SLC. Being from Manchester in the UK I'm not sure how feasible this trip is for say a 4 day trip from Tahoe???  

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Is it softening up in the afternoons to some nice spring-like conditions? I'm hoping the storm door opens before we're there in early Feb!

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We leave Monday for our first visit to our favorite place on earth, Lake Tahoe! Haven't been in 12 years thanks to a few Air Force moves that took us far, far away. We were married in Tahoe City in 1998, so it's a pretty special place to us.


On that note, is it seriously sucky up there right now? Forecast for the entire week next shows fairly warm temps and total sunshine. I ski mostly groomers but hubby and brother like to go off-piste. Sounds like off-piste is not the best option?? Excited to go, regardless! Just looking for some reports on conditions. We'll be doing Alpine two days, Northstar two, and probably Homewood one.

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I was just up today and the snow were corning up nicely.  Looking at the forecast, anything off trail and facing the sun will ski very well for the remainder of the week.

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Contesstant...Look forward to seeing you and the hubby tomorrow (2:00 is fine). We won't be on snow until Wednesday (through Friday) lets wee if we can meet up for some turns. 

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