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did i mess up the base of my volkl racetiger race stock gs ski's last time i waxed them? video included

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i have never had this problem. but yesturday when i waxed my ski's i accidentally put on a little more wax then i am usually do so the iron felt a little weird going over it like it scraped my edges more then usual. but overall it was like normal. but i scraped it all off nicely and brushed it so the wax was in there good. and i skiied on them today after i skiied on them today i looked at my base and i see a lot of very fine circles. i still see my base patern in most angles but then in another angle with the light on it right its a bunch of these really fine circles. how much will this effect my ski's speed? they were before i waxed them yesturday night immaculate with a few scratches less deep then the grind pattern its self. there area  lot of these circles scratches now and there microscopic deep even less deep then the other scratches no where near as deep as my base pattern but a lot of them. please tell me if i just ruined my race stock volkl racetigers or will i not really notice much of a difference?


 here is the video link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jILHw517O0


 i tried to show as many angles of the circles in the light as i can. and then show an angle of the grind pattern but i struggled to get the camera to focus when i saw the pattern. but the base stock pattern is still very apparent. all the way to the edges.

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Its hard to say, but by the looks of it, it seems that what you may be seeing is just lots of wax still on the bases.   Give them another scraping and then brush them out real well.  You should not see any wax on the bases.   When you slide your fingers over the bases is it smooth or can you feel those irregularities?

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well i used a really nice swix scraper last time and toko brush but when i run my fingers over it i really dont think i have any more wax on it. i can feal my base pattern and the zig zag line where the base goes from black to white but thats how they came. and that zig zag white to black line where the decoration goes black to white is the deepest feeling i can feel on the whole base which the ski's came like that lol.. otherwise all i feel is the base pattern. i dont think i feel them maybe if i do there like microscopic nicks i cant notice with my finger. except for a few feel like really fine hair. but my base pattern is even deeper and more apparent. though when i run my finger over it i think i may have skied out all the wax that was even left because its not moisty slippery like after a good wax. its just feels like the dry base. so i am not sure if there is any more wax to scrape either? i dont know what to think. i am pretty sure the wax is gone so its not that. but neither can i feel what i am seeing either compared to the pattern that the ski came with and the crevise that the ski had from day one from white to black decoration there is much more noticable fealing then anything on my base compared to all this. so i dont know if that gives you a good feeling how microscopic these circles are but even though there not even deep enough to even effect the pattern they are still not going in the patterns direction. will this still slow me down? i had hydrocarbon on today and i have skied the past few times with highfloro so it felt slow anyways compared to what i am used to so i cant tell from experience either yet.


if i really focus hard i can kinda feel them which are finer then any hair i can imagine there unmeasurably fine like nanometer fine.

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compared to my other foot ski which does not have this problem it almost to my hand feels identical. i feel like the base pattern on both ski allow my finger to go over it like air but slightly feel very microscopic difference on the one with these weird nicks.

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Well to be sure, putting on too much wax wont damage anything.   Not removing it all will also not damage anything, but will slow you down.  Unless you used too much heat don't worry, your actions did not mess up the bases.  If you have a copper or soft brass brush try brushing them out, followed by your nylon brush.  Keep brushing until the ski bases are well polished.   If this does not solve it try giving the skis another coat of wax, scrape well, and brush out well.   Some overlays can leave some funky looking stains.   Another thought, maybe the bases are dirty, food, grease, all these things can be found around resort snow.


Did you buy those skis knew?   Did they ever have base repairs?

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I can't tell anything from the video, but it is possible what you are seeing is a pattern left over from an old waxing or cleaning job.  Or you base could have gotten contaminated by who knows what. If I were worried about it, I would try a base cleaner to get down to the bare base and then start fresh.  I'm no expert on ski base chemicals though.

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i pretty much bought these ski's new. i bought them from a  kid down the street for 200 dollors basically he just wanted beers for a party that night lol. He got the ski's from his grandma who is rich new and wanted him to race. but he never wanted to ski and only said he went once. he didnt learn how to ski after lol. all i can say is my first time looking at them. they bases looked like they just had been unwrapped and untouched and the edges even still had the factory tune on them lol. so i doubt there was any repair on them. there only two years old and he said they were chilling in his bed room for the longest time lol. i am definately going to rewax them. i scrape them so fine after every wax anyways after one day you can see the wax reflectiveness is all gone so i usually wax them every 1 day i go skiing. 2 if the next days temperatures are near the same. but honestly the fact there not really reflective i can almost think i feel them and my bases dont feel slipper and i saw them right after i finished waxing and scraping them yesturday. i really dont think i have much if any more wax on there. and dont think there anything i got at the mountain because i saw it after waxing. all i can think of is there really miniscule scratches my fingers cant even feel just seein the light or i do have a fine layer of wax that is undectable. but i mean its not reflective or moisty smooth in thoughs area's like i think wax usually feels after a fresh wax.


do you guys think this sounds like at all in worse case scenario will slow me down at all? or anything i can try that wont risk damageing it. more. i am definately going to rewax it and scrape it fine like before maybe it will all fill and be fine if i do a better wax job by putting less on so my iron does not need to go over it as much and scrape it and brush it slightly less fine. becuase i brushed that so much it lost its reflectiveness and smooth feel after one day of like 25 runs. i dont know i got it really fine but maybe i got it down way to fine.

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No matter how much you scrape, the wax will still be in the structure, that is why its important to brush well to get that wax out.   The idea is to have wax in the base not on them.   If you feel anywax, and the base is not shiny like its been polished then they are either dirty and or still have too much wax.   Some hard waxes and silicone waxes are really hard to get out, especially if like you said you put on more than usual.   Start brushing till your arms feel like they are going to fall off....then do it again.   You can never brush too much....the more you brush that faster your skis will be.


What wax and what brushes are you using?  Whats your procedure?

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ok well it was reflective when i was done with it but not polished shiney. i melted on red and blue toko hot wax hydrocarbon. smoothed it all out with the iron in circles which is what is worrying me i am worried if i scratched my base then some how if thats possible and thats what these miniscule scratches are. its not an actual real ski wax iron just an ordinary iron lol. then scraped it with a swix metal scraper really fine. then brushed it a good 5 times with a toko brush where all i was getting was a little powder of wax comming off left. and by the end barely any powder noticable in front of the brush by my last few scrapes. now after skiing on them today one day. i barely even see any shinyness on my base after skiing on them except for the center there is a thin line in the center of it that is slightly shiny lol. i am not great yet on being perfectly on the center of the base when i take gs turns. only really hit that when tucking.

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Danger Will Robinson!


No metal scraper.....do not use it, it will remove your structure, it bends and can scallop your bases, requiring you to then need a base grind to get your bases true with the edges.      Use plexi, buy a few of them, the thicker the better and buy a plexi sharpener.   You have to use enough wax so that the iron does not touch the base but instead floats/glides on the melted wax.   A wax iron is a good investment.


If those are ultra-fine scratches, then a metal brush should help to make them disappear.   Either case I would not worry about it f you really cannot even feel them.


Brush till polished, you should just about be able to see your reflection on them.

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is it possible the iron that i am using really sucks and i should not have been using it? it did not burn the wax at all. it melted it just fine but it has 6 holes on the bottom of it like an ordinary iron? could that have caused that? like it needs to not have any edges from holes like that? i have never had this problem before but maybe it happend since i needed smooth out more wax the i usually do.

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cant tell anything from your video.


first if all the iron should be run from tip to tail and tail to tip without any circles. these are skis not dress shirts.


secondly your iron has scratches and need to be sanded then buffed out with a maroon scotchbrite to get it smooth and clean.


when the iron is nicked or scratched, it will "burn" those nicks into the ski base.



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Ive never used a clothing iron on my skis, but many people here actually do.  Being that you are seeing round stains all over the skis, it would make sense that your iron's steam holes are the reason for them.  You can get a wax iron for under $40.

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http://www.gear.com/p/toko-steel-wax-scraper-blade this is the scraper i use. I should not use this one? i used a plexi one before this one and after like 8 scrapes it barely worked. :(. i definately put on even this time more then enough wax where it was not touching the base at all. it was really thick and gummy. then scraped and brushed. would a metal brush hurt my base pattern too? if so and the fact the base pattern is deeper and even more apparent then even these scratches am i better off not using a metal base and just not really worrying about it. they are ultra fine. i mean i can only feel the base pattern where i see it. will they slow me down at all or am i better off just beeing more careful with my iron and keep waxing it well and over time it will just wear in fine and not notice much if any of a difference? i really love these ski's they have always felt extremely fast would let me blow by everyone and turned on groomed snow like a wound up f1 car and i can feel every surface very well and know exactly what i go over.

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ya the iron holes could have caused it. The metal scrapper could have caused it. Either way, use a proper iron if you have the money. Use a plexiglass scrap as stated above. Unless you are racing near the top of your competition -- I wouldn't worry about it. Otherwise you could always take it in for a base grind if it is really bothering you.

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damit did i really mess them up since i went in circles? damn yesturday was the first time i waxed them for a whole week i must have forgot how to do it right. oh no. i am scared. so do you think this will effect it much?

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Going is circles is not preferable but it is not going to ruin skis. The metal scraper can ruin a grind but probably didn't. The likely culprit may be residue from the steam holes in the iron. Try doing a few hot scrapes (using a plastic scraper, get a sharpener, sharpen before each scrape). Then do a finish wax with a full scrape and brush out (it looked to me like there was a lot of residual wax on the bases in the video) Metal brushes help - you can't really tell by touch (at least I can't) when the wax is all off, sight is better for me. Then when I think it is perfectly scraped, a brush progression shows how much wax was still left. Go ski, repeat the process. They will be in good shape in a few cycles. The more often you wax and brush, the better the skis get.

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no i am not racing at all lol. not yet at least. but i do notice small differences and like being able to stay with or capable of passing my friend who does race lol when we tuck race lol. so i really should not feel much of a difference at all in that case? if i just wax them well they will still feel very fast. I should use a better iron and scraper your saying to prevent any worse and keep brushing it a bit and they may fix it a little but otherwise for ever day aggresive recreational skiing with my friend who is a racer who taught me how to ski this should not be a worry and i should still be able to stay up with him. The fact is the base pattern is more apparent then these little nicks. So this ski should still feel fast enough for me to compete with him recreationally when we ski with our race ski's? and really not much for me to worry about?

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vsrin i am very new to this. and i did use about twice as much wax as i usually do on my base. i felt really bad about it and like i was doing somethign wrong when it happend. i am very bad at judging the quantity of wax with my eye. and you may be right i am very new to this and if you can see a lot of wax then your probably right. How do i do a hot scrape? i will give this all a go. gladly you all are making me feel more comfy like its a very small thing and fixable but i guess i am very observant. i like speed.

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There are guides on how to properly wax. But you can do the hot cranyon method. Touch your wax bar to your iron and then craynon (rub that wax onto your ski. When it gets hard to do so, touch the wax bar back o nthe iron and repear craynoning (rubbing)) the wax into your base. Thyen run the iron length-wise up and down your ski, leaving about a 6" trail of wet wax.


To hot wax, scrap the wax after you finish this step. Otherwise, wait till it cools scrap, and then brush.


It's relatively simple. Using too much wax is not a problem except its more time consuming to remove, and makes a bigger mess. As well, may slow you down if you dont remove all of it.


You should see if your friend can help you.

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yeah no i always do this with my friend at his house. and do it exactly how he shows me how to do it. his ski's never have this problem but this time this happend to mine. i have no idea why the holes did this to mine. we always drip a dotted line down the ski in a little zig zag shape. then rub it out all over the ski until the whole base is covered in thick wax. scrape it down with the scraper where the base is not reflective then brush it a few times. but mine came out with these marks. and it worries me. is there a way to fix that. or for some reason his iron finally just failed me lol.

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Just do what we have suggested and report back.  You got to get the wax off, I suspect you simply have lots of wax still on the skis.  Scrape more and brush more than you ever have.

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Well I just saw this and thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.  What you're doing wrong: 1) metal scraper 2) waxing in cirles 3) using Toko wax-- I like Swix more, just my though 4) not actually using a waxing iron


Use Swix wax, with a Swix iron for like $40, that you wax in a line.  Then scrape with a Swix plexi scraper, and brush in a line.  If you find out that your plexi scraper is too dull, either file it or buy one of these http://www.backcountry.com/toko-scraper-sharpener?CMP_ID=PD_GOO001&mv_pc=r101&s_kwcid=TC|5486|toko%20scraper%20sharpener||S|b|5866541564


You should be fine as is now, but if you really find it an issue just have them stone grinded again and you should be set

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yeah richie rich i will give it a go. and do what you said and tell you my results. the only reason i cant tell you yet is all this tuning euipment i use is my friends he lets me use and share when we go skiing together frequently. i dont have any of this here at my house. but i hang out with him often and when i do or before we go skiing we always do a little something to get our ski's prepaired. i will do some more scraping and brushing next time i go over to his house and hopefully that will fix the little imperfections in my possible thick waxing job lol. thank you for your help.

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Toko wax is just fine, Don't listen to that who-skow that you have to use SWIX.


I use Dominator! the majority of the time. But have used TOKO for years. Not a thing wrong with their wax.


With all the wax you say you put on your skis waxing in circles won't hurt a thing. After all, if the iron is not in contact with the base or edges, what the F_ _K difference does it make what direction the iron goes. IT DOESN'T! But be sure to brush tip to tail!

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The only way you are likely to ruin a ski base with any iron, clothes or whatever is if it has something jagged sticking out from the bottom, or if you have it on high and go too slowly (very slowly) along the base p-tex.  If the wax is smoking your iron is too hot.  It's wax, it doesn't need to be very hot melt enough to do its job.  You can burn a base but it ain't easy.  Sames goes for scratching it.  But do be careful with metal scrapers like Ritchie said!  Heck some folks still use belt sanders to tune skis.  That gets pretty abrasive and hot too.


Relax, but by all means be careful too.

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okay i called up my friend and we figured it out thank you all. it was not a big deal at all in the end lol but thank you all for your help were idiots lol. we both noticed the same thing on our ski's lol. he actually used it earlier in the day on his shirt for some dumb reason and a few strings of his shirt got stuck on it from all the wax we usually use on it. there were many little fibres from that shirt in the holes. then guess what we wax it and the strings are on my base waxed on. i just got them sticking up very carefully with a tweeser didnt go near nicking the base then ran the brush over it. and its like new lol. were morons. then rewaxed lol and got it again to a very thin layer. perfect now lol. hahahahahahahah

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okay i called up my friend and we figured it out thank you all. it was not a big deal at all in the end lol but thank you all for your help were idiots lol. we both noticed the same thing on our ski's lol. he actually used it earlier in the day on his shirt for some dumb reason and a few strings of his shirt got stuck on it from all the wax we usually use on it. there were many little fibres from that shirt in the holes. then guess what we wax it and the strings are on my base waxed on. i just got them sticking up very carefully with a tweeser didnt go near nicking the base then ran the brush over it. and its like new lol. were morons. then rewaxed lol and got it again to a very thin layer. perfect now lol. hahahahahahahah

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there was not a single scratch in the base in the end after all that. just like new. still looks like in the ski's life time i may have hit one little thing that gave me scratch thinner then the base pattern. its beautiful again. i am lucky i guess the fibers were so thin it never got embedded into the base or scratched when i scraped. it was just kinda on there like the wax glued the little things on lol. and peeled right off. its imaculate again i am happy, how many of you have heard any one make as dumb of a mistake as us lol. or anything like this lol?

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If you are using your friend's gear regularly, maybe it is time to buy a waxing iron. They are not expensive - 30-40 dollars both your skis and his shirts will be better off.

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