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Ski selection

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So I am in the market for some new skis.  Have not bought any in a long while.  I am thinking twin tip as it seems new and exciting, I have never tried them.  I do not want too thick of ski as they would seem hard to carve/steer in (but you may prove me wrong).  I live in the west so powder is a factor.  I would say that I end up on groomed runs 40%.  Powder and tree the rest, and now hopefully park just a bit, too.  Park is not what I am focusing on but just thought I should throw it in there.  One more factor in the mix is that I am on a very tight budget was aiming for and $100 to $200.  So will obviously buy a few seasons old.  I am upon for any suggestion as I do not know where to even get started. 

Thanks in advance

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Ive got a pair of Snoop Daddy twins, 184cm, mid fat, 50/50 skis listed in the gear swap section. If you are interested PM me.

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