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Kneissel Racing Skis Anyone

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Ive been on Blizzards for many years now. The Magnesium SL and various GS skis have served me well. However, in a small racing shop I was presented with Kneissl White Star SL and GL skis and they look fantastic. Are they as good as the Blizzards? I was promissed a pair for testing this weekend. I will keep you updated but just out of curiosity, anybody ever ski with these skis?

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I bought a set of Kneissl Fly Stars this year.  Not a race ski, but still a modern Kneissl.


Review Here.




I absolutely love them.  Funnest new ski I've been on in years.  I would most definitely trust Kneissl to build a good race ski. (They're Austrian afterall) icon14.gif

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Waiting to read your review!!

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Thanks for your review FujativeOCR. Have not the time to read it now but once I get home tonight. Temple67, hopefully I have the full story on monday.

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Had the chanse of testing the White Star SL today. Snow was firm and conditions good overall. I skied them against my Blizzards. But it was an unfair comparisson. My own skis are race tuned. Edges tuned to 0,5/87deg. Bindings raiced a bit over FIS standards and base was waxed. The WS was factory set up with edges nearly vertical. However, the WS did not feel bad once upon edge and carving and it was deffinetly a very lively ski. Very quick edge to edge. Tomorrow I will be running gates with the skis. Lesson learned once again. Its not the ski, its how its tuned.

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Originally Posted by tdk6 View Post
 Lesson learned once again. Its not the ski, its how its tuned.

Well, or at least the tune is significant. wink.gif Suspect if you're serious about racing you'd notice the difference between two perfectly tuned SL's from different manufacturers...


Meanwhile looking forward to real review. 

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Offcourse you could feel the difference between two different brands if the setup was the same. But Im starting to think that its impossible to compare racing skis like this. I took my own skis to a expert shop that planned the base and set up the base bevel for the edges to 0,5 on all my skis. From the skide walls I scraped off the edge supporting ridge and filed the edge to 87deg. Then I moved my plate to where I wanted it, BallOfFoot, and raiced the plates by 5mm. The WS are factory tuned and the bases have not much texture and they are quite dry and gray. The edges are not really sharp and I cannot sharpen them because of the 90deg (or similair) angle because my file is set up to 87. The bindings are lower and it feels like Im standing straight on the ski.


I know that the shop would never allow me to turne the skis to my liking and it would also be very costly for me to get the bases planed and time wasting for me to wax the bases 5-10 times. Then I would have to tune the edges to 87 and replace the test bindings with my own race bindings and raice the plate.


I think that Im going to be unable to give a full test report. The skis need to be tuned correctly.


From the constructoion point the ski looks very nice. I have no doubt that its a great racing ski. Compared to my Blizzareds the tip and the tail are more narrow. For this reason I suspect that the turn radius is longer and its a nice ski to cruise with but also more suitable to brushing the turns. My Blizzards hook up in edge locked mode easier. The Blizzards are also thicker. That does not automatically mean they are stiffer.

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