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Rossi Avenger 76 TI or Carbon

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Planning to ski in sierra this weekend, I am an intermediate skier (1st season - 10 days) comfortable with most of the groomed blue runs.  I have a demo rental for this weekend and cannot decide between Rossignol 76 TI or Carbon.  It has not snowed in two weeks and been pretty warm lately, so expect it to be hardpack. 


I am 6'2" 210 pounds and have no idea which ski would be better for me.  It will be great if someone can please suggest me the right one. Thanks in advance.

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If you are skiing 2 days, why not try one each day. Most shops allow you to switch skis when renting for a couple of days.

BTW the CA will be a bit softer than the TI and will probably work better in the softer snow you get out west.

Rick G
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I skiied both of these in NZ last winter. The sidecuts are exactly the same so the only differance is the flex and rebound. At your weight go the Ti version. I'm really light and still prefered that one as it feels more precise. There didn't seem to be much flex differance anyway, just more zing in the edge IMO so start on the Ti and if you like it no need to try the Carbon.

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Thank you very much.  I will start with the TI and go for the carbon the next day.



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Snala - did you also try the Avenger 82 (Ti or Carbon)?  I'm curious how they felt compared to the 76.  I'm light also (142lbs) and someone recommended the 76 Ti to me - however I'm looking for something a bit wider.  I'm curious how much flex difference there is between the 82 Ti and Carbon.

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I wanted to as a comparison as the 80+ plus skis were getting heaps of press but didn't get the chance as that ski you had last season and it got very good reviews. Snow over here is very much freeze thaw and hard most of the time with minimal deep stuff so the narrower skis suit New Zeland much more especially the North Island, more like Eastern US by the sounds of it.

Bending it in a shop it didn't feel any different if that helps just a little heavier as there is more ski overall.

The 82's turning radius is bigger in the same length too compared to the 76. In 170 76 is 15m, 82 is 17.5m so a bit slower to turn sharp but more float if that's what you are after.

I ended up with a Head Titan instead in the shorter length and 12m sidecut but my ski buddy got the 76Ti in 170.

Will find out in 5 days at Whistler what sort of weapons they are compared as we both have the same size feet.

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I am interested in exactly the same 2 skies.The Rossi 76 Ti.The Head Super shape Titan.   Please report your findings.Cheers Lars

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Sure, Titan I ski in 163cm vs Duane's Rossignol Zenith(Avenger)Ti in 170cm so the Titan turned tighter in comparison with less effort but mostly just due to the sidecut really.

From my impressions: Titan has a bigger sweet spot so easier to get back on if you get left behind, both skis reward pressuring the tips but the Rossignol needed more forward pressure to keep it under control, lumpy snow/bumps moved it around more than they did the Titan. Also a lot easier to get repeated pop out of the Titan's tail (KERS maybe??) but it does want to hold onto it's short turns where the Rossi is easier to release mid way if required having narrower tails.

But overall the Titan actually has the softer flex which I didn't expect as the Titan is generally classed as an advanced/exp ski and the Rossi is usually indicated to be an int/advanced ski. So personally I think the Head is easier to ski than the Rossignol is because the flex is less front biased and more centred and therefore seems to have more dynamic range for someone my weight, only 150ish pounds. For bigger faster GS style turns the Rossi felt better planted but I'd say the 170 size Head would probably feel similar and it's a length thing although the sidecuts still differ by 1.5m even at that same length so depends how you like your turn shapes.

Depending on how stiff you like your skis the Rossignol Exp 83 is worth a look too, even vs the 82Ti's. Another friend has them also and while not being quite as powerful as the Titan/Ti's are they aren't too far off with a wider profile but still a tight radius, 14m at 168, so if you get new snow more frequently...? 

The Experience range seems to have put tighter than usual all mountain radius's on a whole width range of fatter cambered skis (the early rise is only very slight) which no one else has really done yet and by the reviews here everyone is loving what is does.


Bob Peters has plenty of experience with the Titan's and this year is skiing Rossignols so might be able to give you a comparison of the Titan vs the narrower Rossi's too from someone that's in a more average weight and higher ability range?

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