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Quick Start pass

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I'm comming to SLC for business and flying in a day early (arrive 8am) to take advantage of the Quick Start pass. Which resort should i sign up for the free day of skiing.

I have a seasn pass for Copper Mtn in CO and spend all of my time in the black or double diamond bumps or bowls.

As it's a free day i know i cannot lose so just looking for a fun day and do not need any back country or hike to terrain runs.

Arriving 8am on Feb 14th so any one who wants to get some turns in let me know.

Thanks in advance


I'm also coming back in March to ski Snowbird so the trip above is just gravy. It's funny how in the winter i have a lot of business trips in mountainous areas or fly through Denver and SLC.

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Park City Mountain Resort

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