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Best price on Whistler lift tickets

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So I'm trying to find out what would be my best option for 4 days of Whistler lift tickets.  We are coming from the US and driving from Seattle, so we could essentially pick them up anywhere from Seattle to Whistler along our route.


What is our best option for a 4 day ticket?  Would it be to buy it online, or pick it up somewhere along the way, or simply at the resort window?


Also looking for a good sports bar in the village to watch the Superbowl (we'll be up there for superbowl weekend)


Oh, and one more thing. . . ski rental places w/ good deals. :-P



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Buying your lift ticket in advance will be cheaper than the going to the resort window.  We are a ski tour operator based in North Vancouver so we would be able to book this for you at a discounted rate.  As a guide, the price of a 4-day ticket through Whistler Blackcomb's Central Reservations is $350 and high performance ski sets are $172.99 (both are pre-tax prices).  You are unlikely to find huge discounts from these rates if you buy from a third party but we can offer some kind of deal if you are booking more than one item as a package.  


Please feel free to drop me an email to molly@powderrangers.ca stating your requirements and a number I can reach you on, or call us toll free on +1 888 924 8299. 


You may be able to get cheaper equipment from a Vancouver-based rental shop,  but I am not familiar with any that I could recommend.


I hope to also be in Whistler that weekend to watch the Superbowl!  One year, I watched it at the bar in the basement level of Crystal Lodge.  It had a good atmosphere and there were plenty of screens.  Milestones and Earl's are also good options if you want to have a decent meal too.  I am sure there are many others. 


Visit us at www.powderrangers.ca for further info on our company.

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You might want to give Stutevants a call. I always see a poster advertising discounted rates, but I'm always too unorganized to actually buy a lift ticket from them before I go up.


If you know someone with a seasons pass, I believe a daily ticket is 10 bucks less if you purchase your ticket while showing them your friend's pass.


Edit: Just noted that you're coming from MA. Stutevants is a ski shop in the Seattle area.

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Discount tickets are available at 7-11 stores in B.C.  You pass right by one on the Sea to Sky Highway in the town of Squamish on your way up to Whistler.  It makes for a good rest stop too after all of the winding driving you've just done along Howe Sound.


Every bar will have the Super Bowl and they're all fairly good places.  Scout it out when you get there.  I once was there when my Seahawks were in the playoffs and since the game started at 1:30 we decided to record it and watch it after skiing.  When we finished our day on the mountain we figured the game wasn't over so we went to the Village for a beer to wait it out and then go back and watch.  We didn't want to know the score until we saw the game but the only place we could find that wasn't showing it was at the outside seating of a bar.  As we were paying our bill and preparing to go back to the condo and watch the game the entire Village erupted into noise as fans with Seahawks gear came out of every pore of the place screaming and carrying on.  We figured, correctly, that we had won.

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Yup, 7-11 is the place for discounted tickets. The one Posaune mentions is easiest to find for the McDonald's that adjoins it at the second (?) major intersection in Squamish. Nester's supermarket is across the street if you want to stock up on muchies a LOT cheaper than in Whistler.


For Superbowl, there's (more than) a couple of bars, and they might even turn off a hockey game for the Super Bowl for all the American tourists, (their SB, the Grey Cup was during our Tgiving, and they have funny rules anyway, so you may have to help out a Canuck along the way), so get there early to get a good seat and off you go.


Rentals - Fanatyko has good stuff if you want to try out some SOTA stuff, the Summit rental shops (one in the basement of the Hilton, another at the Delta Suites) have run-of-the-mill stuff, but at least it's not like some least coast resort with 10 year old Rossi's as the norm and 4 yo Recon's as "high performance. Good deals on rentals in ski season? Umm......

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7-11 only sell single day tickets at a discount.  I am not sure if it works out cheaper just to buy a bunch of them for each day you're there.  It's worth bearing in mind though that these can sell out, so if you're unlucky enough to find that this happens to you then you're stuck with the window price.

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