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Adjusting Bindings for Boot Length

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I bought a pair of Olin Radius K skis that are, according to the seller, about 10-15 years old with only one day's use.  They came with a pair of size 26.5 boots that don't fit me, and my size 28.5 boots don't fit in the bindings, even with the heel bindings adjusted as far back as possible.


I'm unfamiliar with this style of binding/brake assembly.  I thought I saw something like it on the web yesterday, but I can't find it now. There's a pair of Salomon 800 bindings on eBay but the picture doesn't show what I'm describing.




There are two linked "arms" between the heel and toe bindings that arch upward to engage the brake. These arms fold flat when stepped on to release the brake.  I've removed one of the bindings from the ski and disassembled these pieces.  The forward one is stamped S M L  on the underside, with a circle drawn around the M.




This leads me to believe that at one time there was an arm available with the L circled, but I can't find any reference to this binding at all, much less parts availability.


I'm just betting someone has a better idea than I've come up with so far, which is: Remount the heel binding and leave the forward "arms" off. I think the boot will engage and release the brake.  It looks to me like this will work, but I wanted to check here first for better ideas or things to watch out for.


I'm going skiing at Breckenridge for four days in April.  I live in Aspen in '82 and '83, but I haven't skied in at least 10 years, probably more like 15 or 20.  I was thinking it'd be fun to try the "new" skis and leave my old Rossignol FP 207s home, especially with their Salomon 555 bindings.  I'd like to get this resolved ASAP and try my "new" skis out before the trip.


Thanks in advance,

Brent in Minnesota

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Wow.... there's a blast from the past.  If I recall correctly, the Pro-Pulse binding was designed to apply more pressure to the tail of the ski and make (straight) skis perform better.  From what I heard from others it seemed to work, but not with shaped skis, so the binding went the way of the dinosaur.  It is no longer supported by Salomon, nor on the ski binding indemnification list, so you will not be able to get a ski shop to work on it for you.


My advice is to put the skis and bindings up for sale on eBay (some fan of vintage skis might buy them), and find a good used pair of modern skis and bindings.  For a couple of hundred dollars you can find something that will outperform what you have, by far, and you will enjoy your trip to Breck far better.

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