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I think posting detailed information on their website -- like exactly how to tell if your binding is affected or not -- and what to do if it is -- would be easy, free and consumer friendly.  At the same time if the all bindings (or nearly all) have been repaired and accounted for, or if few of them were ever even sold, which would make it a dead issue, would also be helpful...


I agree with you that my problem lies with the retailer.  If he is charged with representing the manufacturers to the public then he should do more than just shrug.  Unfortunately, he is the premier retailer in my area and covers over 80% of the market -- so my alternatives there are limited.  


I am NOT trying to denigrate either Kastle or Marker -- or even the retailer.  But I think the system left me hanging.  Should Marker be providing the information and guidance?  Or Kastle?  Or the retailer?  So far, there are no answers coming from any of them.


You are right that they did step up to the plate 3 years ago.  But that isn't helping me today.


I am not asking for any freebies -- just information.  I don't think it should be this hard.  But, while at this point I doubt that my bindings are unsafe -- I do not really know that for sure.  It's not a situation that I think I should be in.