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Solo trip to Jacson Hole

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Thinking of going solo to Jackson Hole the first week of March.  Rather not have a car.  Where is a good place to stay in Jackson??

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I prefer the Village.  

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Yeah, I'd say without a car, you definitely want to be in the Village. Problem is, if you want to go into town the shuttles stop pretty early. There are taxis to be had.

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Stay at the 49er hotel in town, they have shuttles every morning and afternoon to the mountain.  No car needed, stayed there a couple times, actually heading back out in 2 weeks.

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I can second the 49er recommendation - had a look at a room in there - some friends were staying there, looked good and they were very happy with it.  $72 a night (walk in price anyway) includes breakfast.


I'm currently staying at Elk Country Inn which is right next door and owned by same group.  Its also nice, clean spacious rooms, fridge/microwave but no breakfast - but they do have free fruit in the mornings.  Can get deals for round $55 with tax, but not sure how busy march is - its a reasonably quiet time now.

Shuttles to mountain also as skiierx said.

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There are trades to staying in the Village and in town.  There is little or no cheap food in the Village.  Even the pasta and BBQ places out on the road are essentially inaccessible without a car.  The startbus works pretty well, but getting into town is still an expedition.  The buses run less frequently, sit longer at each stop, and go fewer places at dinner time and later.  The "groceries" in the Mangey Moose basement are only slightly more diverse than a convenience store -- good wine selection, though.  On the other hand, rolling out of bed and walking to the lift is sweet!


Staying in town, you have to get to the ski area.  If you can stay a place that has a reliable motel-run shuttle at the right time, that would probably be a good idea.  If you stay in town, you are still pretty limited in where you go without a car -- its the central square, the brew pub, or a fairly long walk.


I never took a taxi, but in retrospect I think it would have been worthwhile.


For perspective, I've been to Jackson Hole three times and never had a car.  Once I stayed at the Village Center Inn (my favorite, on balance).  Once I stayed at at studio apartment in the Village.  Once I stayed downtown at the Antler Inn (which I liked a lot, by the way). When I stayed downtown I got a rides -- it was during the Epic Gathering, so that was a special case.

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I've been twice, once in town with car, once at the hostel without. The week I was at the hostel it was very cold, and waiting for the shuttle was not pleasant. We did that twice, I think, then ended up just eating and hanging at the Moose all the time... which isn't so bad at all. On the plus side, it snowed three or four days and we were always early for the tram.

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I've been to JH about 10 times, almost every time by myself. I prefer to stay in Jackson, prices for hotels / dining are cheaper. The Town Shuttle is free and goes all over the place, the START Bus will get you to the mountain easily and cheaply, and a lot of the hotels have their own shuttles to and from the Village. I have stayed at The Anvil, The 49er, Elk Country Inn, Pioneer, and Stagecoach. What kind of hotel are you looking for - a nice hotel with lot's of amenities, or just a basic decent, clean place to sleep and shower? Of all of the hotels I mentioned, I would pick the Elk first, followed by the 49er, and then the Anvil. The Elk has a shuttle, hot tub, fridge/microwave, wifi, and slightly discounted lift tickets for JHMR at the desk. I did stay in the Village once, at Snake River Lodge - that was my Wife's birthday present to me when I turned 40 - VERY nice, but $$$$$!

A few tips:

  1. If you use the START Bus, you can buy a book of passes for it at a discount.
  2. Eat at the Gun Barrel sometime, great food!
  3. Most important tip: GO TO GRAND TARGHEE, at least for a day, you won't regret it. You can take the Targhee Express shuttle, I think it's about $80 for the round trip bus ride and a lift ticket included - great deal, and a fantastic, laid back mountain!

Hope this helps, feel free to email me with any questions, you will have a blast!

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