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Carla Swart RIP

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Very sad to see that Carla was killed on a training ride in South Africa this week.  She was the most decorated Collegiate women cyclist of all time and the only one to win the Collegiate national championship in Road, Track, Mountain and Cyclocross.  She was ending her junior racing career here in Georgia around the same time my daughter started, so this hits a little close to home.


Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

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Was she related to Stephen Swart (Motorola pro IIRC)?

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I'm sorry the hear this. Did she race for florida? I remember a girl on that team that was taking out half the guys in A.


vibes to her fam

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Here's the article from VN - http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/01/news/carla-swart-killed-in-south-africa_156025


That really sucks. I wonder if she was confused by riding on the "wrong" side of the road. That's how Rachel Atherton went head-on with a truck two years ago.

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