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MA Update..

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Ok so, here are some more turns taken today, the snow was firm and the run a narrow blue...the focus was for a strong steering effort, but not dynamic, we're working on lower end stuff at the with speed added it should turn more dynamic. Any feedback posotive or negative is welcome!! 



Untitled from roland Searle on Vimeo.

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Always start looking at the feet and work your view upward.


What is your weight distribution inside foot vs. outside foot?  I prefer 90% on the outside foot from the very beginning of the turn (well before reaching the fall line).


At about :06 seconds, at the end of that left turn, your left ski tip looks like it is off the snow.  At that point you should have 90% of your weight on the left ski, and 90% of that on the ski tip.


In the middle of your left turns, it looks like your right knee is too close to your left knee.  This can be due to being undercanted...ask the Ask The Boot Guys about canting and maybe supply them with a video.  Or, you can be driving your right knee to edge the skis...widely used but poor technique.  Instead, don't push the knees to the side; strongly tip your left ankle to its side for left turns, etc.

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Will have a look at the canting issues. Will have athink about the knee pushing to the outisde. Any more feedback gang?

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your pole swing have a lot of left / right motion to them, ie, the back of your hand moves

from inside to outside. perhaps slightly more reaching down the hill would help


overall i like it - smooth steering is becoming a lost skill, with fatter skis and higher speeds


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your pole swing have a lot of left / right motion to them, ie, the back of your hand moves

from inside to outside. perhaps slightly more reaching down the hill would help


This is the first thing I noticed too, especially with your left hand which moves from the outside to almost across your belly-button.  Look at how nicely your right hand just extends a bit and you touch your pole.  Do that with your left hand and you're a winner!


Overall, though, very good skiing.  If you were to relax a bit it would help, and it would have a much more pleasant effect if you were looking up at the camera and smiling!  Your skis move nicely and you engage at the top of the turn.


Great job.



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Great skiing. I have no suggestions for improvement. One question though.... why are the turns not dynamic? How would "dynamic" change the skiing?

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TD....i woudl say the turns aren't dynamic as the speed is relatively low, so I think that a more dynamic would mean more speed...


Pole Plant more down the hill would be a key point, it's something I have been told to work on, will give it a go this week and see what happens, i hope to have some more video next week or so...any more for any more? 



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Oh and this was the skiing from over the summer, for those who didn't see it...

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nothing else? :( 

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I think it looks like a nice ski instuctors turn.

You don't have any carving videos? That's more up my alley.

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Just saw this now...good skiing. 


To improve further you need to get your lower legs extending/flexing more.  Your ankles/knees/hips etc are static.  Now having said that, due to the speed and turn radius you are skiing it s not really causing problems...but as you say, for the exam (if I recall you are training for your 4?) you will be expected to give it more "umph" and you will be on a steeper run.  So for you I would expect you to show the same mechanics in this "toned down" run that you would use in the full tilt run.


Concentrate on intiating your turns by pointing your toes, or pushing on the ball of the foot etc.  You should be able to acutally see this effort at the start of the turn by way of ankle extension.  This will make your turns slightly larger with alot more deflection and it will allow you to carry more speed on this and steeper pitches.


That would be my focus if I was coaching you....the corresponding flexion will typcially happen naturally.


Good luck

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