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Work Bench Dimensions

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I am finally getting around to setting up my work space.  I am planning to build a work/tuning bench but I have some questions.  For those that built your own bench how tall did you make it? 

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Unless your really tall or short, I would go with a standard counter height; I believe it's 30 inches.  When I set up my work shop I used old kitchen cabinets for the base and set things like the table saw so I could run long strips of wood through it and the cut board would go straight on to th work bench counter.  Adding a tuning bench to the shop I just kept this height.  I again used kitchen cabinets for the base.


You should also consider the height your skis will be when in the vise on the bench,  I'm 5'7" and wouldn't mind if the tuning bench was an inch or two lower, but it isn't a big deal.  I'm so used to everything being at the standard height, it would probably throw me off if it wasn't.


If your aren't sure, make it adjustable biggrin.gif


Have fun,



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Standard kitchen counter height is 36". Vanities used to be 30" to 33", IIRC.


I think the question should be what height do you want the skis at for efficient tuning, waxing and base prep. The height of the vises/support system are at play as well as the width of the skis relative to the supports when on edge.


My bench is at 38" and with the Cinch vise, the skis lay at 45" which is a good height for me for inspecting, waxing and base repair/prep tasks. When side edge tuning and the skis are on edge and how the Cinch supports the skis with one option, the skis are an inch or two above ideal height. The other clamp option drops the skis lower. Generally, the set up is too high for my son.


You might try mocking up a tuning and waxing set up using saw horses and perform a few tasks to see what feels right for you.


Personally, I'd build a bench that also serve other purposes besides skis and build it so the height, depth and width worked well for other tasks and drawer/shelf storage. For skis, the minimum width is 4', IME, but wider is better. More width gives you surface area to lay out tools and supplies. Mine is 8' wide and 3' deep with drawers and shelves with a ledge at the back. Coupled with this is a stackable tool system opposite the with shallow bearing drawers that makes for quick access to tools and supplies.


Power supply on the front, good lighting and a small shop vac above are other things to consider.

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