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Just sayin hello and the usual intro stuff.

I ran across this forum a while back and have been ghosting it for a while, reading conversations, etc checking out things so I decided to register an account.

I have been skiing since I was 6yrs old, started in North Carolina. And I have been snowboarding since I was 10, started that as well in North Carolina.

I always stuck to NC for skiing and snowboarding, never having the chance to make it out west. So I joined the Military, not for the chance of traveling to ski haha.. But during my stint in the Military I lived in CA and WA state. While there I got the chance to ski all over out west along with snowboard out there.

I am better at snowboarding than at skiing, for those of you that have never snowboarded, snowboarding is much easier to become more acquainted to. Every time I go up the ski mountain I switch up what I do, one day snowboard, the next ski. My preference is skiing though. Always loved it more.

I am not an expert by any means, just moderate. Though I push myself extremely hard when I ski so I can acquire a better skill-set with skis.

I am currently a college student here in NC but am moving to CO here in the next few months. I have always wanted to live there. During the off season I mountain bike, trail run, rock climb, hike, camp, white water raft, etc.. So I feel that it is going to be a haven for me! Extremely stoked about it.


I do have a few questions, I do not own a pair of skis, the ones I did have got busted up on rocks out west and cracked and I have not purchased a new set. The pair I owned were junk skis I bought off a friend for $80. I am looking to invest in a solid pair of skis. I prefer riding in pow and do back country skiing / boarding than anything. I love riding through the trees and through nature in general. I have heard a lot about dynastar for that type of skiing but any kind of insight would be helpful. I am looking to spend around $1000 on a new pair. Also, any type of new bindings that are worthy of mention please do. I have seen the ski bindings that are loose on the heel, and am wondering what those type of bindings are for.


Thank you for your time, I do have more questions and such, but I must run off to study for my next class..


BTW: I am studying Environmental Science.


-Adam Cascio

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so i guess that i will do my introduction here too! but ill first say hi to Adam. like adam i have been ghosting here for a while and just recently joined. i am the only person in my family who skis so it kinda impedes my ability to get out. thats not to say i dont go skiing because i usually get out about 2 a week but its ALWAYS to wachusett so thats kinda a bummer. i am not old enough to drive so i cant go anywhere alone. I think ive maxed out the oppertunities in wachusett and kinda just go there to ski to ski, not to learn. i took a few lessons when i first started and haven't taken any since so i don't have much guidence in my quest (can i call it that?) to be a better skier. i hate the park and love sticking to groomers, since that is all ive skied. i think i would really like to do glades because i like making precise turns and hit new lines.

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Well welcome to you too KartoonBOB. haha

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Originally Posted by kartoonBOB View Post

so i guess that i will do my introduction here too!

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Hi Adam and Bob, welcome to Epic. Adam, I see that you posted in the 'First Chair" thread and hooked Phil. I'll second his suggestion and urge you to first get properly fitted boots. If you can get to the mountain when they sponsor demo days my all means get there and try as many skis as you can. Often the ski shop at the resort will have a demo fleet for rent and if you buy they will discount the amount you paid to rent. Better yet consider buying from one of our Epic Sponsors you'll get a good deal. If you can't do that then read as much as you can about the skis that interest you. At least that way you get a broad idea of how a ski performs in the type of conditions you like to ski.


kartoonBOB, I know what it is like to have to ski the same mountain over and over but try not to become too jaded. Almost any hill will give you opportunities to improve your skiing. I've never been to Wachusett but it looks like there is 1000 vertical and 110 acres of skiing, not bad for a local resort. After all, you could be stuck in western PA like me where the 'big' resort has 750 vertical but over 300 acres of skiing.


There is a lot of information to be found here on Epic both on equipment and on technique. Do some browsing and ask some specific questions, I'm sure you can find what you are looking for. I think the best part of this community is the many opportunities you can have to meet and ski with the folks that post here.


Edit: added hot link to Epic Sponsors above.

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