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Ski Beards?

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Anyone seen these things on the mountains?



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Where is this picture taken?

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This pic was taken in Telluride.  These guys were loving these in the freezing cold.

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Love It.  Beards and Ski Masks are a clear indicator of a lazy ass like me.  

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Grow your own.  It's much cheaper and you can't misplace it at the wrong time.

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saw them this past week.  seems like a certain kind of "skier" is attracted to these, helmet covers, ski totes and other "novelties"  I also saw a helmet mounted wind sock too....

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Finndog, I could so set you up yahoo.gif

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Working on my own,,,,,  I have a ways to go....  icon14.gif




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How about a helmet mounted pirate bandanna or wrap to go with? Maybe a  pirate hat? Just in time for the new pirates of the Caribbean movie? I think so...

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