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Should I rent or not at Jackson Hole

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Heading out to Jackson Hole in early Feb.  I feel comfortable with my ac50's but my wife is skiing of a basic dynastar ski, think the illusive 9's.  My question is should i rent her a wider ski for out there or do you think she will be fine on intermediate skis.


Thanks in advance

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While I tried to find the dimensions of you wife's ski and could not, I would suggest bringing the ski she is most used to skiing on. If the forecast calls for snow while you are here I would go rent a wider, more powder friendly ski the night before. This way you would only spend the money for the days she needs the wider ski. Furthermore, if she is thinking of upgrading to a more versatile ski (say 80-90 underfoot) for JH, the ski shop at the top of the gondola has an hourly demo program she may like.


What you do not mention is if you wife is an intermediate skier. I think that over terraining her and putting her on too much ski might be a bad combo for her first visit to the area.


Best of luck and may we all enjoy some champagne pow during your visit.


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Thank you for the response and effort.  I've decided to just rent skiis for her and set her up with a private lesson for the first day.  Hopefully it works out.  Thanks again




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BCEddy It may be too late, but I would be more than happy to recommend some instructors that would work well with your wife, if you let me know her ability and interests.


It looks like we are having cold firm snow conditions right now. So probably no need for fatter skis unless conditions change. The beauty of renting is that you can mix it up depending on the day. Lot's of shops and brands to choose from.


I have been a private instructor for 9 years at JHMR, and while I am not yet sure of your dates or my own availability I would love to help out in any way possible.


Feel free to send me a private email at snoWYmonkey@gmail.com


Have a great vacation.


Christina Cartier

PSIA Level 3 Alpine

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Christina is a very good instructor.  I always liked her easy going personality in the past and was very impressed with her skiing and teaching skills when we did several days of training together this season.  I would love to see my wife get a lesson from Christina, god knows I should never try to teach "her" myself.  I know I would benefit from a day with Christina as well.


Of course I am also availablewink.gif

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Kind words powder junkie!


I strongly vouch for your abilities, and enthusiasm teaching and would not hesitate in the least to book a day with you for my family or friends or myself for that matter.


Hey...could you ask them to turn the thermostat back up please. Wow, layers upong layers and slow short radius turns were the key to happy skiers on the hill today.



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