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What radius do you recommend for my GS skis?

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First of all I want to say that I know I should go out and try the skis but where I live it is not possible. I have settled on the Atomic D2 GS 184cm but I can not decide on which version.


My background:

Being a Norwegian I have been skiing a couple of weeks on average each season since I was 9 (groomed slopes only). I am now soon 27 years old. I have never been in an alpine team. I started learning carving for real last year. I did my first GS competition in a FIS course last year and finished 43 of 95 if I remember correctly. Note that it was a competition for amateurs (World Airline Ski Championship) but I just want to mention that I can complete 2 runs in a FIS course.  During that race I skied on Fischer RC4 Race 170cm (think the radius is 17m) and they were really to soft for me and I couldn't put the skis on full edge. This season I have been training technique for about 3 days a week and it is going really well. I have no problems pushing my skis on full edge in "normal" hard packed snow. Don't know about full ice though as we haven't had that yet.


My physics:

Weight: 75kg

Height: 174cm

I have good physics and pretty strong legs.


Current equipment:

Head Supershape Speeds 170cm 14.6m radius (I bought these skis to be able to train both SL and GS but now that I can carve harder I find them turning way to fast for GS turns)

Nordica Dobermann 120 boots


What I want:

A pair of GS skis that suits my physics and will let me use them both in the slope a normal day with other people skiing and in GS runs (amateur races and maybe masters in a season or two). I can not settle on wether to go for the retail version (19m radius) or the women's version (24m radius) of the D2s. I guess the men's version (27m radius) is pretty out of reach, or what? 


Any tips?


Thanks in advance


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Anybody please?
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Get the 19m radius. You'll be surprised the difference between your current skis and the atomics. Although the d2 are some of the most forgiving gs skis, i'd still take them over the 21m. I have both 18m and 21m skis and prefer running gs on the 18. I find the 21 to hook up too slowly for me.


good luck.

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A little update. I Settled on the FIS women's model with 24m radius after all and I must say I really love the ski. Even if it is a FIS ski it is very forgiving. The grip is just fantastic and they get up on their edges with ease. And they are very fast. The first time I slipped (not the skis fault, rather the technique of the guy on top) I felt how fast I was going (took quite a while to stop). They are like a very comfortable car, although you are going fast they are very calm and "quiet". Due to that fact I must also add that I have never had any pair of skis which require so little energy. When free skiing a wide hill being able to do "perfectly" linked carving turns you can go on for ever. When I am on my Head Supershape Speeds (170cm) I need to stop about every minute in the same scenario.


I'm so satisfied that I am starting to look for a pair of D2 SLs on sale or in good used condition





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