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Mammoth... from SLT go or stay this upcoming week??

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Have a upcoming trip to SLT planned. Looks like its going to be a dry week .Would it be worth my time to go down to mammoth for a few days? Is the corn cycle gonna be that much better than say Kirkwood  or anywhere else in the SLT area? Gonna end my week at Squaw +Alpine  but have about 4-5 days in the south lake area first staying near stagecoach for free. . I've never been to Mammoth. Liftopia has some $72 tix to mammoth and $53 to kirkwood. Am I better off just sticking to Kirkwood.?I enjoy steep and challenging terrain+.Any advice tips would be much appreciated.Thanks

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Forecast for Mammoth is dry as well. I was up there the past two weekends and the coverage is excellent. Snow quality also is quite good, though what you will find is packed powder conditions, with some sugar-like blown in stuff in a few strategic spots. Groomers are quite nice and there are no rocks to speak of. A friend of mine took a major slide down Wipe Out Chute 1 on Saturday and a word to the wise would be that some of the steeper entrances are a bit slick. Otherwise, the steep stuff like the other Wipe Out Chutes, Drop Out, Climax and the Paranoids still have nice snow once you are in. Of course, if huge winds blow in, exposed areas can really scrub down to hardpack quickly. All of that said, Mammoth is at a higher elevation than any of the LT areas except Mount Rose, so you can generally expect better snow conditions. Everyone got huge dumps in Dec, so I suspect that SLT also has excellent coverage, however. I have not been to LST in over 20 years: I arranged for a week off and got rain for a solid miserable week. That experience soured me on SLT and I will not likely return.


As to the corn cycle. I do not think that with the daytime temps only getting up to around 40, and particularly with the angle of the sun being so low, that there is that much of a thaw-freeze cycle going on to get true corn snow.

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We're not skiing good corn yet, still sticky, though it is forming last couple days. hard to predict for the next week. believe it or not, areas that groom more are offering more "pleasant" runs. yes, that's what it's come to. We are only skiing east facing, morning sun,off piste runs, of which we only have about four, so an area with some good east facing slopes will offer more right now. an area that has only north facing runs will suck right now. In sum, I'm not sure I'd spend extra money if there is nothing really good anywhere. hope someone living in Mammoth will help you more than I can regarding the upcoming week there. 

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Thanks guys.!

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Skiing at Squaw is less then stellar right now, can that change in a couple of days. God, I hope so. Alpine, could be good with boundary bowl and the sherwood area, getting more sun then Squaw. However beware the east wind at Alpine. I don't know a lot of people who ski Alpine anymore so don't have any reports.


If I could get away, I would be Mammoth bound. Spoke with someone in SLC and they said, raining up around 8000 ft the other day, don't know if it is true, but have no reason to doubt them.

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