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Buying freestyle skis

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oi folks


for this season i got myself a pair of salomon lords 185, they're doing awesome for me

i've never been much of a freestyler, i prefer to hit the powder if it's there. however, the last week i learned 180s and 360s and realised it's actually kinda fun to mess around a bit doing tricks when the snow is shitty.

now here's my question;

the lords are kinda big skis, would it greatly benefit a (beginning) freestyler to get seperate freestyle skis to use instead of my lords every now and then? i wouldnt want to get very expensive skis, not much more than 300-350€


thanks in advance

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look towards armada, and line skis.  they have some good park skis.  salomon has suspects and volkl has a few park skis. 

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i was only asking if it would make a big difference for me to get freestyle skis to use instead of my lords, not what kind of skis i could get, although i appreciate the suggestions

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If your just messing around in the park once in a while there's probably no need to get a dedicated park ski. I do the same thing (on my single tip skis :) ) and am looking to get a pair of twins that I can use on the trails as well as dabble in the park to replace my regular skis. 

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