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places to ski in april

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My kids have a late break april 16th to 26th.  My husband and I are expert skiiers and my kids are 6 and 8 but can handle intermediate and some expert terrain.  I've seen some mention of glaciers in austria and france as good options for late season skiing.  I'm a little worried the terrain might be a bit boring.  Any thoughts?  Any other suggestions would also be appreciated.


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Whistler.  There will be lots lots of snow and you won't be bored.

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Caveat: I'm biased toward the Rockies for their drier powder versus the Sierras...  Having tried many western resorts for spring skiing (and experienced many busts), I've NEVER gone wrong at Alta.  Only catch is no snowboarding, if some in your family snowboard...  Aside from that, there is much more intermediate terrain at Alta than the neighboring Snowbird (which will have similarly great spring conditions). 


We're trying Telluride in late March this year (as much as I love Alta for spring conditions, I always enjoy exploring/trying someplace new) -- first time there, but by all accounts, as a primarily north-facing mountain, it's known for its late-season skiing as well (and has some nice deals going versus previous years when we've priced it). 


Hope this helps.



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Summit County,CO.  Altitude is your friend.  Breck should still be open and A-Basin will be open into June.   

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Give the Canadian Rockies some consideration.  Fly into Calgary and ski the Banff areas.  Sunshine Village is open until the end of May, and in late April will be 100% open, including all the extreme terrain.  There should still be plenty of good skiing at Lake Louise in April as well, depending on what the weather is like that time of year.  Sunshine is a guarantee.  Robert Kennedy junior holds his big celebrity charity ski event here every year.


Accommodation in Banff is plentiful that time of year, and very affordable as ski season is considered 'low season'.


These are photos of typical late April conditions at Sunshine.


Divide Pano.JPG







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I second Canadian Rockies. We skied there 2 yrs ago mid-April. Tons of snow, cheap rates, and some of the most beautiful vistas you can see on from a chairlift.

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We skied Banff a few years ago April 21-23rd.  Conditions were amazing.  Full coverage, 100% open, including The Dive.




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Will say it in movies (scroll through at leisure and skip away since they are 9+mins long) since TR's somewhere on the site but cant snag links right now..but here they are:


1. Sunshine Village, Alberta: April 19-26, 2008



2. Lech-Zurs, Austria : April 8-16, 2009 


We have the same issue and Alta scheduled closing is April 24, and other Park City Resorts close around April 15 through April 18, in 2011. Am really hoping Snowbasin has a ton of snow and stays as we just got back and Son and his Father loved it there. 

No decision made by us either on the locale yet, if you have some ideas please post continue to post them

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My standard answer is to wait a couple of months and see who has snowpack and deals.  That's low season at most resorts, so you needn't worry about lodging and such selling out.


My secondary answer is to look at Tony Crocker's posts here.


I don't know where you are, but I assume that you're in North America and planning to fly.


Speaking from experience, the only Utah resort likely to still be open is Snowbird.  That's not a bad outcome if they've had a good year.


Mammoth will stay open at least through Memorial Day.  Since they're the only game in town, they don't typically offer fantastic discounts.


All of the major Tahoe resorts typically stay open at least through the end of April.  And many of them, including Squaw and Alpine Meadows, have great spring pass deals by that time.  If our snowfall revives as anticipated, you really can't go wrong here.

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