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Kitzbuhel or Charmonix?

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Traveling from London...Charmonix looks to be closer and easier to get to and possibly a bit cheaper, but ive had my heart set on Kitzbuhel.  I am know they are both incredible areas.  I am quite on the edge about this.  Can anyone give me a nudge in either direction?




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Chamonix if you are willing to get a guide and ski some of the toughest terrain in the world or best off piste terrain in the world.

Kitzbuhel if you're not willing to get a guide, want easy to access off piste, or skiing pistes. Kitzbuhel has some incredible views too.

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ill probably stick to the only beginning to dabble in american double blacks.  Have you been to Kitzbuhel and do you know the cheapest/easiest ways to travel there? ie which airport/train stations etc

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If you ski double blacks in the US you will definitely ski Off Piste in the Alps - but not necessarily so far off you will need a guide. I'm talking lift served - well trafficked areas. My limited experience is the On Piste at Chamonix compares to groomed from green to dark blue/black in the US. You will enjoy either place. Both are unique with their own special attractions that set them apart.

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Kitz is easy to get to by train from several places, including Munich, which should have a direct flight from London Stansted via RyanAir. Munich airport has easy access by train (30-40 minutes) to the main train station (Munchen Hbf), where you can catch a direct train to Kitzbuhel. Travel time is around 2 hours. There are other trains that require a change in Worgl, which adds time and hassle. There are two train stations in Kitz - Kitzbuhel and Kitzbuhel Hannenkahm, the latter being located right by one of the main gondola lifts in the middle of town (the main station is not far away either - just be aware and get off at the right one).


One negative about Kitz - it is relatively low altitude so the snow is not consistent. This year they have had relatively little snow so far. Fog can also be an issue, especially later in the spring.


Other than that, Kitz is great - plenty of steep terrain - perfect for intermediates and advanced skiers. Beginners have much more limited options as the easier stuff tends to be narrow, flat roads that wind back and forth down the mountain.


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Kitz is great!  I went there as an intermediate skier and had a blast.


I recommend the Hotel Klausner.  It is right by the main train station.  You can also catch buses to downtown or skiing just across the street.  Just look for the locals queuing up to find the popular spots. The walk to downtown isn't bad but I wouldn't do it in ski boots.  I never heard a train the entire week.  As my university dorm was next to a main freight line- I may have been immune to them.


The nightlife can be pretty good too.  I seem to remember getting worn out dancing.


I went in the spring go in was fast in the morning and slush in the pm.  There were plenty of slopeside bars scattered along trails.

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I've been to Kitz, not Cham. I spent 5 days without a guide there and skiing off piste 80% of the runs, a total blast. We did catch about 6 feet while I was there though, so conditions were pretty lucky and awesome. I got the best snow of my life, no one skis off piste there (so powder lasts into the next day), and there's a lot of 30-40 degree off piste terrain available too (mid black to average double blacks out west). You'll have a blast if conditions are good.

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