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Fischer vacuum boots

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I saw Ivica Kostelic wearing some new Fischer Vacuum boots at Wengen slalom. I didn't find anything online about these boots.....except one low quality non informative clip at youtube. Do you know anything about this. Is this some new boot technology for 2012?

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Yes, it is a totally new fitting technology that involves molding 100% of the the shell to the foot. More info will be available in about 8-10 days.



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They look incredible!!! Found this video of the process , been following them online. Hopefully will get a pair and resolve my issue of a slightly smaller right foot this season!




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I'd love to see where these are available. I'm keeping my eye out. We're going to be in Whistler and Steamboat for a couple of weeks next year. Fingers crossed.

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I know Big White will be stocking them this coming winter. They have ordered in all the equipment. I'll be heading there for mine :)

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