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Bent Chetler 183's

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I am 5'4" and 148 lbs, always carry a ~10lb backpack.  I love steep and deep pow.


I currently ski 4Frnt CRJ's 172's (122/112/120).  I also have 2006 Dynastar Legend 8800 168's (a bit short).  My old straight skis were Rossignol's 7SK 182's and in powder I would sometimes use Pre's which were 190's, but a bit long


I love my CRJ's, but I am looking for a ski on those deeper powder days.  I kind of narrowed my choices down to the Moment's Night Train 178's; Moment's Bibby Pro 174's; as well as K2 Hellbent's and Vokl Katana's, but I am leaning toward the Atomic Bent Chetler's 183's (140/123/134).


Although a bit longer (183's) than what I was looking for, I like the bigger rocker, tapered tip and tail, camber underfoot and I heard the tail is a bit stiffer than others (I tend to lean back and need help to get out of the backseat). I have always liked a stiffer ski vs too soft underfoot.



1. Do these skis seem too long? or do the Bent Chetler 183's ski shorter?

2. where should I mount my bindings (thinking of Marker Griffin bindings)?



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Id pick the 192 for myself and I am 200lbs if that helps. I dont think they will be too long for you personally. My guess as to mounting would be on the line.

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Team is the middle of the indicated mounting range. I prefer about 4cm back from there. I find the amount of rocker makes for a short feeling tip. If you are mostly going forward, use the Classic mount, (25mm behind Team) as you will most likely have a small boot.

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