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Wow, it's almost here.Heading to Vail for 5 days of skiing 27-31. Skiing has been very good here in Pa. but longer runs and even better snow more variety and faster lifts is a huge treat. I'll be there with my regular skiing partner and going west enabler since its his condo where stay  etc etc. At least one of us figured out how to make a lot of money.


I'm starting to get stoked. Let me know if you want to make a few turns. Pretty much ski most of what is out there. If it has snowed we go in the back. If it has not snowed usually the front side. Love Riva - Tourist Trap in the afternoon till I can't go any more which unfortuantely is closer to 3 o'clock now than 4 p'clock. Classic EST time zone skiers standing in line at the Vista Bahn at 8 :15.


Sleeping at 9 0'clock PM.