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2012 Heidi Skis Preview

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Stealth Dragon, $1625

Stealth Dragon, $1625



888 317 8763, info@heidiskis.com
Heidi Blum - Founder and lead designer

Stealth Dragon
Ski dimensions: 134-112-124
Available lengths: 192
Target market: big mountain
Two-sentence description of featured skis: The Heidiskis big mountain ski, The Stealth Dragon features a full wood core with a flat tail design and 300mm of tip rocker.  The Stealth Dragon is designed for backcountry terrain and deftly handles high-speed power turns, quick maneuvers through couloirs, and landings off big drops.

What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
For 11/12 we have filled out our line to offer a comprehensive range.  Based in the Swiss Alps, powder and big mountain skiing is a part of our regular skiing and we’ve been working on developing skis for this terrain over the last couple of seasons and we’re excited to introduce them this season.

What are three of the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?
Rocker, eco-friendly materials, and charitable support.

Rocker has risen being a niche product innovation to an industry wide trend and we’re introducing our first models with rocker this season in our powder and big mountain skis.

We are continually on the look out for ways that our skis and operations can be more ecologically responsible, from the materials we’re using in the construction of our skis to efficiencies in our processes.

From the beginning charitable support has been a pillar of our brand.  5% of proceeds from the purchase of our Tribute to Tibet series have been donated to the American Himalayan Foundation.

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
Along with the new Stealth Dragon big mountain ski, we are introducing a new powder ski, Powder for the People, and Pro models of our current freeride and all mountain skis.

Any disappearing?


Heidi Blum - Founder and lead designer

Heidi Blum - Founder and lead designer


What will be your best selling ski? Why?
Our Freeride.  It’s been our most popular to date as it’s a one quiver ski that rips on groomers, in crud and floats well on powder

Any new materials or construction technologies?
We’ve always had an eco-friendly position from a materials stand point as we use local Swiss White Ashe for all our ski cores.  For this season we’re also moving to vegetable based inks for our top sheets, and recycled materials for our bases.

What themes are you seeing for colors/graphics?
Graphics are something that has really set us apart.  Next season our graphics are inspired by the spirit of the Alps.  Being based in Switzerland, the Alps have strong influence on our lives everyday and it’s reflected in the motifs and material we use in the next seasons models.

What are price points doing?
As we’ve grown we’ve been able reduce our price points due to efficiencies we’ve developed in our processes.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?
This year we’ve expanded our focus beyond lift access skiing with the introduction of our powder and big mountain skis.  Previously we only had two models, freeride and all mountain, and as our company has grown we ready to expand our line so we had a range of skis for all types of terrain.

What types of skiing do you see leading sales next year (racing, all-mountain, park, etc) and why? How are you planning ahead for that?
We see all-mountain skiing as a sales leader.  It’s generally where the majority of our skiers spend their time.  We are introducing a new Pro Model of our all-mountain for those looking for more performance on the groomed runs.

Parks continue to flourish and we loveSource the energy from this group.  As a brand, park doesn’t make a lot of sense for us now.  But as many of these skies advance they head to the backcountry for inspiration and new challenges.  It is here where we think we can we reach this consumer with our new Stealth Dragon big mountain ski.

Source: Ski Business/Alexis Overbye
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Seems like a lot of tip rocker

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