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2012 Dynastar Skis Preview

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Outland 80 Pro (top), $1,000 & Legend Pro Rider 105, $850


435-252-3300, info@dynastar.net
Susie English - PR and Communications Manager


Outland 80 Pro (unisex)
Ski dimensions: 126-80-110
Available length of skis: 152-158-165-172-178
Target market with the featured skis: The ultimate versatile all-mountain ski for progressing expert skiers wanting to excel on the groomers yet crossover and enjoy soft snow, too.
Two-sentence description of featured skis: Moderate tip and tail rocker creates a shorter running edge length for more maneuverability and pivoting speed control while tip rocker effortlessly floats and tracks in soft snow allowing easy accessibility to crossover to un-groomed terrain. The new Outland 80 Pro delivers unparalleled access and versatility to explore the entire mountain.

Legend Pro Rider 105, MSRP - $850
Ski dimensions: 132-105-122
Available length of skis: 166-175-184-192
Target market with the featured skis: For expert big-mountain skiers who ski mostly un-groomed terrain.
Two-sentence description of featured skis: The Pro Rider 105 lays phat tracks in powder yet is powerful enough to bust through manky snow or arc on groomers.  30% of the ski has tip rocker, which allows skiers to maneuver effortlessly and float in powder or variable snow, while the remaining 70% has camber underfoot and turned-up tail providing solid stability and strong turn exits.


Susie English - PR and communication manager

Susie English - PR and communication manager


What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
The Outland line features all-mountain rocker. Moderate rocker in both the tip and tail combined with traditional camber underfoot creates a whole new breed of crossover all-mountain skis. The moderate tip and tail rise creates a shorter running edge length, so at lower speeds and edge angles the sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and pivot ease. As speeds and edge angles increase the traditional camber and moderate rocker work together perfectly, engaging the entire sidecut resulting in full-length powerful edge grip on hard snow. Tip rocker effortlessly floats and tracks in soft snow allowing easy accessibility to crossover to un-groomed terrain.  All-Mountain Rocker Technology combines solid groomed ski performance with effortless un-groomed skiability delivering a new ski-it-all-mountain breed.

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
Outland 80 Pro
Outland 80 XT
Outland 75 XT
Outland 72
Legend Pro Rider 105

Any disappearing?

What will be your best selling ski? Why?
The Legend 85 and 94 are best sellers because they can go anywhere on the mountain in any condition. The Outland 80 Pro will be another best seller because it features all-mountain rocker.

Any new materials or construction technologies?
With outland All-mountain rocker is new (described above). We also are using Basalt Fibers. Basalt, an aerospace fiber, is woven into fiberglass and then Titanium or Aramide stringers are added to enhance overall behavior of the material. This new Basalt fiber has rock solid strength and higher elastic movement than carbon fiber making it the ultimate dampening material for removing vibration and improving snow contact.

What themes are you seeing for colors/graphics?
Graphics for Dynastar stay very classic using natural woods and neutral colors with splashes of orange.

What are price points doing?
Stable throughout line.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?
Dynastar will focus on the big mountain to all-mountain skier. Dynastar’s Chamonix heritage makes it the core big mountain ski, but with the new Outland series the brand is reaching out to a boarder all-mountain category that is interested in rocker.

What types of skiing do you see leading sales next year (racing, all-mountain, park, etc) and why? How are you planning ahead for that?
All-Mountain will be leading sales for Dynastar with the Legend 85 and 94 as well as the Outland 80.

Source: Ski Business/Sarah MacDonnell
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Pro Rider 105 looks good, rocker, camber and sweet graphics...  


Thanks, Phil...   

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Now will it be an upsized LP or a downsized 115? 

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Of course no one knows, right?  But my hope is that this will be a modernized LPR that would keep the old DNA and incorporate the modern tip shape and profile...  That's the ski I would seriosuly consider buying...  30% tip rocker sounds a bit extreme, but I am sure they didn't mean that literally.  

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Glad to hear that that Contact 4X4 is coming back.   I bought a pait earlier this year and they are a fantastic ski.


Seems to be a bit of overlap between the Contact 4X4 and the Outland 75.


Is the Course Ti coming back?? (its on my wishlist of skis to add to my quiver)


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Dynastar Course Ti 

120-71-104mm R16 (178cm) 

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Dynastar Course World Cup 

109-66-90mm R23.6 (175cm) 

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How does the Outland models fit between the current Contact Series and the Sultan Series?  Does the Outland 75 replace the Contact 4X4 and does the Outland 80 replace the Sultan 85?


If the Outland series replace the Contact 4X4 and Sutlan, has anyone skied these new skies?

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Did they run out of names? Outland used to be a cheap beginner ski from ten years ago.

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Originally Posted by Yogghi View Post



 Dynastar Course Ti Dynastar Course Ti.jpg


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'12 Sultan 94, much more early rise tip than this years ski. Really solid and stable off piste, rolls over the crud very easily. Still arcs the groomers nicely with solid edgehold, very nice ski. Graphics are the same or very close to the Pro Rider 105.

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Contacts are gone.

replaced by the Speed and Outland series

i don't know why it says the 4x4 is back, the closest ski to it would be the Speed Limited which i think is the result of the Ferrari partnership (full carbon topsheet iirc) but at a price mere mortal can afford

the Legend 105 is definitely the offspring of the original LPR and XXL, a big mountain charger that works in all conditions as opposedto the 115 which tends to be powder/soft snow specific. The "tip rocker" is more early rise than clown shoe and works from hard pack to waist deep VERY well.

big bonus is it is available in 4 lengths 166-175-184-192 so even more people can enjoy the awesomeness....


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Not sure if next years lineup is going to be better or not, so just to be safe I picked up a pair of Sultan 85's to go with my 4X4's.  Eyeing either getting a pair of Course Ti's or Omeglass SL skis to round out my quiver.


Question - how can I sneak the Sultan's into the house without the wife noticing???biggrin.gif

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Philpug, what do you know about the women's Exclusive line for next year? 

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Originally Posted by Twintip View Post

Philpug, what do you know about the women's Exclusive line for next year? 

Not much change on the woman's side, some new graphics is about it. 

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Anyone have a picture of the 2012 Twister?

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So, the dimensions on the LP 105 are interesting - 132-105-122.  Looks oddly like the XXL but with a narrower waist - 132-109-122.  Curious to hear about flex and extent of the rockered tip.  Seems like a nice slip the difference approach between the 100-mm LP and 109-mm waisted XXL.

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Originally Posted by Frost18 View Post

Anyone have a picture of the 2012 Twister?

Try raceskis.com  They have the 2012 Dynastar skis on their website (and are slowly rolling out other 2012 skis as well)


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I was able to ski the legend 94 (184) and the 6thsense yesterday at Alta.  there was 1'to2' of powder mostly skied out to crud by the time I got to it.  I hated the 6thsense.  way to soft and just not my kind of ski.  the 94 was good.  it felt a lot like my old 8800's(178) just a tad slower edge to edge  but very smooth and solid in the pow'crud.  the early rise rocker made them just a bit easier to turn in the soft stuff but never flapped on my like some of the other rocker skis do. 



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I skied the Ti end of last season and it truly is an amazing ski, but I didn't get a chance to ski the Course WC's.  Anyone know how those guys ski?

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