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G3 Highball (top), $769.95 & G3 Viva, MSRP $529.95

G3 Highball (top), $769.95 & G3 Viva, MSRP $529.95


Scott Duer - Global Sales Manager for G3

G3 Highball (men’s)
Ski dimensions: 140/116/127
Available length of skis: 175, 180, 185, 190 (4.5 pounds per ski at 180)
Two-sentence description of featured skis: The new Highball is not only the fattest offering in the line at 116 underfoot and 140 in the shovel, it features G3’s progressive Sweet Rise Camber, which combines rocker for soft snow conditions with a perfectively tuned camber for loads of edge pressure on firmer snow resulting in a super-predictable big freeride ski that turns effortlessly and excels in a wide range of conditions. Put the ski on edge and the camber line maximizes the skis ability to arc and carve, but in soft snow conditions, point it where you want to go and butter the toast.

G3 Viva (women’s) 
Ski dimensions: 120/88/111
Available length of skis: 157, 166, 172 (3.1 pounds at 165)
Two-sentence description of featured skis: Complementing G3’s women’s collection, the new Viva is a women’s-specific ski that’s lightweight and easy to turn, thanks to an early rise tip. While light enough to be the perfect touring companion, the Viva’s combination of early rise tip, versatile 120/88/111 dimensions and semi-cap construction make it equally at home ripping the bumps or looking for inbounds powder stashes.

Target market with the featured skis: freeride, all mountain, backcountry touring

What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
Freeride/sidecountry continues to be an emerging trend and G3’s Descent collection targets that core audience, and provides them with skis that are very descent focused but also light enough to tour.

What are three of the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?
Rocker, progressive camber, titanal deck construction

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
Yes, six  - Highball, Infidel, Zenoxide, Saint, 78 Stinger, Viva (Zenoxide and Saint are names that have been in the line but next year’s skis are completely redesigned)

Any disappearing?
Fever, Mass Transit, Zest T


Scott Duer - Global Sales Manager

Scott Duer - Global Sales Manager


What will be your best selling ski? Why?
Highball, because this is a whole new shape and design from G3, but something G3’s customer base has been asking for.

Any new materials or construction technologies?
Sweet Rise camber line, titanal top sheet (new to G3’s line, not to the industry)

What themes are you seeing for colors/graphics?
We don’t pay a lot of attention to what is trending in the industry. We try to come up with graphics that are visually striking and that we think will resonate with our customers, and go with it.

What are price points doing?
Staying steady in the industry, for Fall 11 G3 is dropping prices on some of its skis.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?
G3 comes from a backcountry/touring heritage, and that segment continues to be important to where we focus, but we’re also focusing much more strongly on freeride, sidecountry and area skiing with our Descent collection, which we’re expanding this year. That continues to be a growing segment for G3.

What types of skiing do you see leading sales next year (racing, all-mountain, park, etc) and why? How are you planning ahead for that?
Descent collection.

Source: Ski Business/Alexis Overbye