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2012 Salomon Skis Preview

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BBR, $875 & Rocker 2, $935

BBR (top), $875 & Rocker 2, $935



Mike Aicher - Salomon Alpine Category Manager

BBR (Unisex)
Ski dimensions: 147/88/102 (176 cm)
Radius: 11.5(166cm)/12.5(176cm)/13.5(186cm)
Available length of skis: 166cm, 176cm, 186cm
Target market with the featured skis: The target market is for resort skiers who ski 15+ days a year and are looking for one pair of skis that are fun in all conditions.
Two-sentence description of featured skis: BBR is an innovative shape designed for maximum fun.  Its patented V-Shape brings a combination of floatation, great snow feel, and carving on groomers in one unique ski.

Rocker 2 (Unisex)
Ski dimensions: 142/122/132 (184 cm)
Radius: 20.3 (sizes 170 & 180)/26.0 (sizes 184 & 192)
Available length of skis: 170/180/184/192 cm
Target market with the featured ski: Powder Skiers who want a fun, nimble, playful and light feeling ski.
Two-sentence description of featured skis: The Rocker 2 is Salomon’s most playful Powder ski ever.  Unique Rocker shape, Lightweight extremities, and solid construction make this the tool of choice to make powder skiing easier and more fun for all, no matter which direction you would like to slide.

What’s on the horizon for next year’s skis?
Salomon is investing in innovative concepts that look at the future of ski shapes differently.  With a ski like the BBR, we really challenge conventional wisdom regarding shape, and we believe that this could be the shape of the future for many all terrain skiers.  The super fat tip floats like a Rocker, and the sidecut and the patented shape allows it to rip on the groomed trails.  We have also been listening to our riders and working on models like the Rocker2 with team input.  One comment from our riders has been that since powder skis are getting wider, they are getting heavier.  With this in mind, we developed the Rocker2 with a honeycomb lightweight insert in the tip and tail to keep the weight down, while still making the ski solid in construction for performance.  Of course we will continue to offer proven products in our line like the Shogun, Sentinel, and Enduro, but with each new product development, we are striving to bring skis to the market that are evolved in form and function.

What are three of the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?
1.  Innovation - Salomon has been a brand known for Innovation over the years, and we plan to continue with that focus now and into the future.
2.  Consumer Relevance:  Our extensive research and development process allows us to brainstorm, test, re-evaluate, and re-test with a wide variety of consumers, retailers, athletes, and mountain professionals to bring products to the market that meet the needs of US skiers.
3.  Price/Value Relationship - We have strategically positioned many of our key models to maximize value

Any completely new models (including pro models)?
New Models include 2 models of BBR, the Rocker2, an entire new range of Enduro All Mountain Models, and a new Women’s All Mountain range.
Any disappearing?
All X Wing Models will be discontinued.

What will be your best selling ski? Why?
We believe the interest in some of our new models will be very strong, but we also have some proven performers that will continue to be at the top of the best seller list.  Shogun, Geisha, Sentinel, Lord and Lady will continue to be mainstay products in our freeski category, but we also expect BBR to launch strong, and several models in the Enduro range are poised to do significant volume.

Any new materials or construction technologies?
The new BBR features a patented V-shape that has an oversized tip and narrow waist and tail. The tip and tail ensure great floatation in powder and amazing on-piste carving with a progressive sidecut.  We are also using unique applications of construction materials to minimize weight while maximizing performance on skis like the Rocker2 with the innovative ABS honeycomb tip and tail insert.

What themes are you seeing for colors/graphics?
Graphics are always important.  When purchasing any product, people find connection to products that appeal to them.  That appeal can come from the performance of the product, the color, the design, or the name.  So graphics and naming are incredibly important.  We spend a lot of time working with a wide variety of skiers in the USA to make sure that our graphics and naming are hitting the mark with regard to style and design, and we always strive to keep things fresh.

What are price points doing?
Consumers will see more added value at many pricepoints offered in every category of our ski line.

What types of skiing do you see leading sales next year (racing, all-mountain, park, etc) and why? How are you planning ahead for that?
Many skis in the big mountain freeski category (Lord, Sentinel, Shogun, Geisha, Lady) have become best sellers.  Skis that were on the fringe yesterday are now many of the go-to models for all terrain skiers.  As the sport progresses, and skis evolve, it will be natural for skiers to seek out new products that connect with them emotionally, as well as on a performance level.  We think the BBR launch will bring another cutting edge product to the market that will inject excitement and fun into the sport.

Source: Ski Busiess/Alexis Overbuy

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Demoed the Rocker 2 today at Whistler... amazing ski. Very impressed.

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some beside me on the chair at cypress (north vancouver bc) a few wks back demo'd the BBR and weren't all that impressed with it's carving ability or claim to be a better all mtn ski.

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Hi, Skied the 7.9 in a 179cm for 2 weeks in all the Tahoe resorts Early April. within 5 mins. of getting out of the car I was thinking of charging skiers £1 to look and £5 to feel (the skis). 


They say a Bumble Bee should not be able to Fly but it does. 


BBR = Bumble Bee Revised. 


I have skied for nearly 40 years (missed last year) and these are the best leap forward since Olin launched the Mark IV. 


Short, Long, Hard packed, Powder. not once did they let me down, slight bounce over some Death Cookies 1st thing in the morning but hay ho should look where I am going at that speed.


Cried when I had to send them back to Salomon.


Also had the New Salomon Access 80 Boots - Fit my Web Feet a treat - If you have WIDE feet with a HIGH instep then your problems are over (Kept them!!)

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